Edwin Starr Asked The Poignant Question; “War, What Is It Good For?”


Edwin Starr, at the peak of the Viet Nam war in August of 1970, sang a popular song that went to #1 called War.  A lyric in the song was; “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”

That’s not entirely true.  It’s good for the bankers who finance both sides of every war, so they get the spoils from the loser and the indebtedness from the victor.  It’s good for the military industrial complex who makes out like a bandit in war.  Most of their products are destroyed requiring them to make more.  It’s good for the politicians who seem to be able to justify less freedom and more government powers during war to include maintaining the status quo.  It’s good for the establishment as it is a distraction that takes people’s eyes off of their ripping everyone off.  It’s good for the protesters, because it gives them something around which to coalesce.  It’s good for the cemeteries, casket makers and the headstone carvers.  It’s also good for the news media and provides them grist for the mill so to speak.  It’s good for doctors, therapists and hospitals who keep very busy during times of war.  It’s also good for the pharmaceutical industry which has to make lots of antibiotics, bandages etc.  It’s good for the medical equipment suppliers for anything from scalpels to prosthetic devices.   It’s good for the manufacturers of vehicles, ships and airplanes.  It’s good for the petroleum industry which supplies the gas for all of those vehicles.  It’s good for the commercial kitchens and food suppliers that provide for the troops sustenance.  It’s good for the general contractors who have to rebuild after it is over.  So, the bottom line is that it’s good for a lot of things and a lot of people.

Is there anyone for whom war is not good?  Well, it’s certainly not good for those who have to fight it, nor for the mothers and fathers who lose their sons nor for the men and women who lose brothers, cousins, grand children, nephews, best friends etc.  It’s not good for the economy, because it is a non productive effort as that which is produced is destroyed for the most part.  It’s not good for the taxpayers who end up paying off the debt to the bankers who financed the war to begin with.  It’s not good for the general morale of the populace.  It is not good for maintaining high standards of morality in a society as it tends to bring people into drug addiction, prostitution, divorce, gambling, risk taking, situational ethics etc.

The only time that any good comes out of a war is when a non aggressor defends themselves against an aggressor and they do so successfully.  It’s called a just war, and America has not fought a just war since 1812.  That means that every war America has participated in since then, the Spanish America War, WW I, WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria have all been unjust wars.  America has been at war for all intents and purposes for the last  25 + years.  Wars, for the last 217 years, we fought that were contrived by evil men in the U.S. government, and the bankers who controlled them.  They were all started by false flag events – “Remember the Maine”, “Neutrality is no longer feasible”, “Remember Pearl Harbor”, “Remember the Gulf of Tonkin”, “Operation enduring freedom”, “Remember the World Trade Center”, “ISIS must be defeated.”.  All based upon false flag events.

What is a false flag?  Think of a pirate ship which carries the flags of many nations so that when they see another ship on the high sees, the run down the Jolly Roger, and run up the flag on the nation that the ship on the horizon is flying creating the impression that they are friendly, and when they get close enough, they let go with a barrage of cannon fire while running the Jolly Roger back up.  By then, it’s too late for those in the other ship.  It’s time to wake up America, and don’t be fooled by the false flags today, and don’t listen to, or believe the corporate media – they are the highest paid liars in the world.  Why else would someone get paid to read the news off of a teleprompter.  You could get people to fight over that job for a paltry $50,000 a year, and yet the talking heads get paid multiple millions of dollars a year to be “readers”.  Ask yourself “Why?”.


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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