Daily Archives: March 14, 2020

Has The Deep State Won?

  This writer was just notified that his church will not be meeting this Sunday and his church is about as conservative theologically and doctrinally as one could get.  Apart from cancelling a few services over the last 30 years because of heavy snow and icy roads, this is extremely rare.  The Deep State which […]

Trump – “No More Shaking Hands Is Probably A ‘Good Idea’!” Really? What About…..

  Politicians Are Degenerates & Perverts So No Need To Answer Below Questions. …..sticking a man’s penis in the mouth or anus of another man – any chance that’s a little riskier  than a hand shake?  How about “rimming” which entails tongue to anus pleasures?  How about “felching” which is the oral exchange and ingestion […]

Mike Adams Tells What’s To Come As Far As Coronavirus (Covid 19) – It’s Not Pretty If He’s Right & He Usually Is Right!

Mike Adams – Lab Scientist & Peer Reviewed – Amazon will begin shutting down fulfillment warehouses as infections spread through staffers there. Amazon.com order fulfillment will crater. Supply lines of products to many consumers will collapse, especially as certain cities go under lock-down.  See New York Panic HERE. and HERE. – Domestic air travel will […]