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Video – Chinese Communist Propaganda Wreaking Havoc & Confusion Upon The American Public!

  Communist Chinese Flag Chinese Communist Propaganda – Wreaking Havoc On America!  This flag is not far from flying over the United States “OFFICIALLY”!  The Clinton treason and accepting of bribes from the Communist Chinese along with the Democratic Party has made us very vulnerable, and the Neocon Republicans are not far behind the Democrats […]

Video – Power Grab & Tyranny – What Will You Do About It?

  City SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) teams look more like Army Commandos! Tyranny & Power Grab!  Once the government can run all small, medium and some large companies out of business, then the large corporations, under instructions from government/banking thugs, can refuse to take cash, and the banks can be restricted from taking cash, […]

Good Advice!

Could Quarranties Lead To Mandatory Carrying Of Identification Papers To Allow For Domestic Travel?

  Polish Citizen Provides Domestic Travel Papers To NAZI’s In 1941 Poland Your Papers Please!  Under Martial Law travel internally is restricted (internal passport) or eliminated depending upon the whim of government and the leverage that special interests have both inside and outside the official government.  Video clip from the movie Casablanca (with commentary from […]

Latest Coronavius Stat’s

  Microscopic View Of The Coronavirus Current Coronavirus Statistics! Note, this BLOG contains stories with a variety of viewpoints regarding coronavirus.  So far, there don’t seem to be any absolute or definitive perspectives, so examine them all, and come to your own conclusions Related Post: CORONAVIRUS DASHBOARD! & A TEMPERED VIEW OF THE DISEASE & ITS EFFECT! […]

Social Distancing – At What Expense?

  Not only will social distancing be very expensive, but it will be very impossible (see the ring on the end of the umbrella on the picture above).  Restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics, workplaces, government and private schools, bars, nightclubs, arcades, amusement parks, sports arenas, retail stores, waiting rooms etc. ad infinitum will have to change […]

Goodbye America?

Goodbye America! The Pied Piper of Hamelin is, whether true or not, instructive.  The Pied Piper led the young and naive away from the security of their homes and families to who knows where?  Today, the young in America have no recollection, and very little knowledge, if any, of their heritage.  The Pilgrims and Puritans […]