Daily Archives: March 15, 2020

Is Coronavirus The One Mask Nobody Sees? (Common Sense 101)

“V” (For Vendetta) The People Will Have Justice One Day – When…….? In a coronavirus crisis, masks have been in short supply.  Something else has been in short supply, and that is discernment –see Lysol picture below!.  As U.S. President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt once said; “Nothing in politics happens by chance; it’s all very carefully planned!“ […]

Declaring A National Emergency.

  Covid 19 & Medical Martial Law? Declaring a National Emergency can also bring into play  COG (Continuity of Government) COG has been activated see 2 minute video HERE!  The problem arises in the fact that we have a bunch of criminals in charge of our government.  Will they take unfair advantage of a “National […]