A Brief History Of Homosexual Attacks On Churches – Violent, Vitriolic & Vicious!


Thanks to Billy Rojas for the assembling of this documentation of which this writer actually experienced fist hand one of the attacks.

Violent attacks by homosexuals against Christian churches – 1989 to 2017

By: Billy Rojas

The following Timeline was compiled from ten separate sources

located after considerable time searching,  as part of research for

a book project currently in progress. The Timeline lists homosexual

attacks against Christian churches in the United States, plus there are

comments about similar attacks in Europe and one that is

known in South America.


Necessarily this is an incomplete study; comments at various sites indicate

a much larger total number during the years in question, from 1989 to 2017.

Regardless, this Timeline might have immediate uses and despite the fact that

it is intended as content within a book it can stand alone as written. Any Christian

organization which wishes to use this list is free to do so unencumbered,  for free.

This also applies to other religious groups or civic groups or individuals

who share the view that homosexuality is the greatest evil of our time,

or certainly one of the greatest evils, and crimes committed by homosexuals

or their supporters must be stopped.

All that is asked is that anyone who uses this Timeline should give me due credit

for the work that went into it over a period of  4+ days, just as I have given

explicit credit to my sources of information.

Although every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, should

anyone find one or another mistake, please let me know so that any errors

can be corrected

If anyone who reads this knows of additional incidents featuring homosexual

violence against Christian churches or against individual Christians,

feel free to contact me with the information, including any sources used

in providing the information.  It would be helpful to add other examples

to the Timeline list.

Read and weep.


Churches attacked by homosexuals 1989 – 2017

Overview of findings:

First Orthodox Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, 1989

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, December 10, 1989

Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Los Angeles, ca. 1990

Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, September 19, 1993

Sacred Heart Catholic Church,  Greenwich, Connecticut, April 20, 2006

Mt. Hope Church,  Lansing, Michigan. November 11, 2008


California churchesaftermath of vote on Proposition 8, November 2008

Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, pastor.

Catholic Church, Riverside

Our Lady of Angels, Catholic Church, Los Angeles

Mormon Temple, Los Angeles

Mormon Church, Ventura,

Mormon Church near Sacramento

Reports that many others were attacked but no solid information available


Park Street Church, Boston, May 1, 2009

Church of Christian Liberty;  Arlington Heights, Illinois; October 15, 2011.

Mars Hill Church, Portland affiliate; April 25, 2012

St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Acushnet, Mass., May 2012

Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, March 21, 2017.



Three Catholic institutions attacked in Spain

Five Greek Orthodox institutions attacked in Athens and other cities

Mormon church in Chile.



Violent attacks by homosexuals against Christian churches

1989 – 2017

First Orthodox Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, 1989, various sources.

Numerous attacks against the pastor, Dr. Chuck McIlhenny, who had led a

movement that had defeated a domestic partnership law in the cityat one point

(difficult to imagine now) about 7000 Christians gathered in support of McIlhenny.

The homosexuals did not like this and began their efforts to try and intimidate

the pastor. For the next three years there was an almost constant barrage

of ugly phone calls, such as several in which the callers threatened that

McIlhenny’s three young daughters would be savaged. Mc Ilhenny’s home

was firebombed at a time when the entire family was present. The church

was vandalized on a number of occasions; as one report said, “homosexuals

broke the church’s windows so many times the parishioners had to

board them up permanently.” In all that time there were no prosecutions

for crimes against the McIlhenny family or against the Presbyterian church.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, December 10, 1989,

reported in the National Catholic Weekly, September 21, 2015,

and other sources. As the Brian Clowes story said, a large number

of homosexuals, plus some pro-abortion activists, members of ACT-UP,

stormed the church, assaulting parishioners, disrupting John Cardinal

O’Connor’s Mass, and desecrating the consecrated Host by throwing

the Host on the ground and stamping on It. Outside, hundreds of screaming

homosexuals burned Cardinal O’Connor in effigy and attacked passersby…”

Signs that the homosexuals displayed to the public included one which

proclaimed “Mary Should Have Had an Abortion;”  another said

“Christ was a homosexual,” and still another added “Death to the Church!,”

The media, present in full force, had next to nothing to say by way of

condemnation of the homosexuals; as far as the police were concerned

nothing the homosexuals did warranted even one arrest. When the event

was over ACT-UP released a press statement that insisted that its “cause”

was “…important enough [to allow us] to invade any space,

to disrupt any speech.” Michael Moore, present at the time,

expressed his approval of the homosexual activities.


Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Los Angeles, date uncertain,

  1. 1990, reported in a National Catholic Weekly story, September 21, 2015.

As part of a campaign against Roger Cardinal Mahony, a mob of homosexuals

attacked the cathedral, “desecrating it with bloody-red handprints and

pornographic photographs of perverted sex acts and ACT-UP posters

plastered everywhere. At St. Catherine’s, they nailed a ten-foot cross

festooned with plastic penises and used condoms to the church door.

They also smeared the chancery with animal blood and entrails.”


Hamilton Square Baptist Church, San Francisco, September 19, 1993,

reported by Traditional Values Coalition. To quote the report verbatim:

“Hundreds of angry and mean-spirited homosexuals converged upon
Hamilton Square Baptist Church.  Some laid down in the streets in front
of the church to block traffic while others trespassed on the church
property to bang on the front door and several side doors.  They blocked
church goers from coming inside.”

Matters went from bad to worse. When Donna McIlhenny (wife of Rev. Chuck McIhenny) tried to enter the church to attend the special service that evening

she was grabbed by a homosexual who temporarily prevented her from

proceeding further. She was only able to go inside after being rescued

by men from the congregation.


At the start of the service the mob of screaming homosexuals began to chant,

probably trying to drown out the worship speakers inside. Then the large

Gothic doors that had been closed to protect the church-goers were

rushed, with the homosexuals pounding on them loudly. Finally, after

a short time, after the police told Pastor David Innes that they would

not be able to protect the Christians, until then the police had mostly

simply monitored the scene and had done almost nothing to maintain

order, the homosexuals broke into the sanctuary.


They threw rocks and eggs at the congregantsthen the Christian flag

was torn down and a homosexual flag was put on display. Outside

various concrete benches were broken apart, landscaping was torn up,

and there was additional yelling. Inside, the rioters began to march

toward the pulpit, shouting “We want your children,
give us your children”.


The men of the congregation linked their arms and stood their ground

and, after the police finally made a show of backbone, the homosexuals

backed down. Even then the police simply intervened to stop the

mayhem the Christians were escorted from the church to safety

but there were no arrests and there was no coverage by the news media.


William Clinton was president at the time and knew about these events

and said nothing and did nothing.


Sacred Heart Catholic Church,  Greenwich, Connecticut, April 20, 2006;

reported by the Catholic League. Education center was broken into, statues

of the Virgin Mary,  St. Michael, and Joan of Arc were destroyed. Various

slogans, including anti-Semitic statements, were carved into the walls.


Mt. Hope Church,  Lansing, Michigan. November 11, 2008.

homosexual anarchists infiltrate church. About  a dozen men wearing

conservative business suits and carrying Bibles were able to enter

without suspicion, whereupon they proceeded to disrupt the worship

service by yelling at the congregation, distributing leaflets, and pulling

the fire alarm. The homosexuals inside the church scattered propaganda

leaflets throughout the sanctuary and threw condoms at the congregants.

Up in the balcony a large banner was unfurled with a vulgar statement.

Two female homosexuals rushed the pulpit and began openly kissing

each other as families with kids look on in disbelief. Other members of

the group, Bash Back, also picketed outside and began banging on pails;

they also used a bull horn to shout homosexual slogans such as

“Jesus was a homo.”  No arrests were made by the police.


California churches of different denominations, story reported by

Mass Resistance for November 13, 2008, under the title :

Homosexuals begin campaign of terror and violence against

churches in California and across US because of Prop 8

election loss.


The report begins by noting that almost immediately after Proposition 8

– the anti-gay “marriage” amendment –   was overwhelmingly passed

by California voters, homosexual activists began threatening

to burn down churches and [commit] other violence. Homosexuals

sent messages to each other saying: “Burn their f**king churches…”


It did not take longduring the days immediately following the election,

mostly within 24 hours, a number of churches in the state, and some elsewhere,

were under attack. Here are some examples of churches that were hit:


Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, pastor.


Catholic Church, Riverside, California; no other information available.


Our Lady of Angels, Catholic Church, Los Angeles, attacked the next Sunday,

with a homosexual invasion of the sanctuary, much turmoil, and profanities

yelled at parishioners.


A number of Mormon churches were targeted including-


Mormon Temple, Los Angeles, Westwood community. A mob of homosexuals,

estimates vary from 1,000 to as many as 5,000, rioted, screaming, waving signs

in a menacing manner, threatening to storm the building.


Mormon Church, Ventura, California, where 50 homosexuals carrying signs

insulting the Latter-day Saints marched on the building.


Mormon Church near Sacramento was vandalized, spray painted.


There were also various private acts of hate, for example when

a van staffed by female homosexuals parked outside the home

of a Mormon family with their five kids, near San Francisco.

A large sign on the van featured the word “Bigots” with

an arrow pointing to the house. Another incident took place

in Palm Springs where an elderly woman who was carrying a sign

with a prominent cross was assaulted by a gang of homosexuals

who took the sign from her and stomped on it   -in front of the crew

from a local TV station. As the Mass Resistance article reported,

this news item, accessible on the Web, included an announcer

who intoned that there’s “a lot of hate by both sides.”  Which is

strange since all the overt hate seen on TV footage was only being

expressed by the homosexuals.


There was also a mass protest of about 3000 homosexuals at the national

headquarters of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City,  Utah. The homosexuals

carried insulting signs and spent much of the time shouting.


Park Street Church, Boston published by Mass Resistance,

May 1,  2009, with national coverage in a Time magazine story.

This historic Conservative Congregationalist church was attacked

by 30 homosexuals on April 28. Events described included:


The homosexuals gathered in Boston Common, across the street

from the church. First there were harangues to the crowd that had

assembled, then a march to the church itself. The homosexuals used

megaphones was they shouted and chanted various homosexual slogans.

At one point the leader of the homosexuals used a bullhorn he had pressed

against a church window to a meeting room filled with communicants.

As one story said, there were loud siren noises and ear-splitting sounds

that disrupted events inside the church. This had the intended effect

of causing fears for their safety on the part of the people in the congregation.

This was followed by passing out literature which proclaimed that

“Jesus was gay.”


As Time reported, while there were police on the scene there were

no arrests despite criminal trespass, intimidation, and harassment.

The homosexuals also “illegally trampled through an adjoining

Revolutionary War-era cemetery in order to be directly outside

the church’s windows.”


Church of Christian Liberty;  Arlington Heights, Illinois.

News story published at World Net Daily, October 15, 2011.

Pieces of concrete bricks thrown through windows at

Liberty church school, with a note threatening worse to come

if the church continued to criticize homosexuality.


Mars Hill Church, Portland affiliate, story reported by Religion

News Service on April 25, 2012. A gang of homosexuals which called

itself the “Angry Queers” vandalized the church. stained glass windows

were broken as were other windows.  There were other incidents at the church

previouslyat its opening in October of 2011 a crowd of homosexuals

standing at the entrance yelled 4-letter words at church members

as they arrived for services.


St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Acushnet, Massachusetts,

May 2012. The church sign outside the building posted the following

message“Two men are friends, not spouses.” Shortly afterward,

the church was vandalized and calls from homosexuals flooded

the switchboard, each expressing some variant of the sentiment

“we will burn your church to the ground.”


Catholic Archdiocese of Boston; story published at LifeSiteNews,

March 21, 2017.  Threats by LGBT activists to carry out acts of

extreme violence unless homosexuals were allowed to march in

St. Patrick’s Day parade. A message to the Archdiocese said

that the Catholic Church in the city could expect “large-scale violence,”

rioting and “possible deaths” if homosexual demands were not met.


These incidents in the United States do not count homosexual attacks

against churches in other countries. Also from National Catholic Weekly

is this commentary about the situation in Europe:


In several European nations in 2014, “pro-family activists who dared to

hold public rallies and marches were attacked by screaming mobs of

homosexuals, who destroyed their signs and other property, simulated

sexual acts, and threw rocks, bottles, and even feces at the

pro-family people.”


“The homosexuals targeted priests and women in particular, sending several

people to hospitals with injuries from beatings. In one case, the homosexuals

even physically assaulted and spat on a one-year-old baby, and others ripped

pages out of the Bible and simulated wiping their rear ends with it.”


“In all of these cases, police simply stood by and watched as

the assaults continued.”


In case pacifist Christians on the Left believe they are immune

from such things, it should be noted that in August of 2017 an

anti-hate rally was held in Berkeley which was “swarmed” by

anarchist homosexuals, who, anon, proceeded to beat up people.

The story was reported by KDRV television.


The situation in Europe is only getting worse. An Alex Dunham story posted

at Theolocal for April 19, 2013 reported that anarchist homosexuals attacked

a variety of targets in Spain, sometimes mailing dildos packed with

explosives to “high profile Catholic targets.” Among the destinations was

Archbishop Francisco Pérez of Pamplona  -the town made famous

by Ernest Hemingway for its “running with the bulls” annual event.

In that case the dildo bomb did not detonate. Another sex toy bomb

was mailed to the headmaster of the Legionnaires of Christ school,

also in Pamplona; the package never reached the school. Instead

it blew up in the post office, injuring a mailman.


Another bomb that didn’t explode was sent to Almudena Cathedral in Madrid.


Greece has been especially hard hit. According to a report at Torno News,

a petrol bomb damaged a Greek Orthodox church in Athens on or just before

August 8, 2016. According to BHMA news service 2016 was a banner

year, with a series of attacks against Greek Orthodox churches all over

the map, including Thessaloniki,  the Petraki Monastery, location of

the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece offices, as well as at least

two other churches in Athens. These attacks have consisted of vandalism,

disruption of mass, and arson.


Europe isn’t the only place hit by violent homosexuals. On January 4, 2017,

a Mormon church in Santiago, Chile, was attacked.


This is only a very incomplete list.


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