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A Brief History Of Homosexual Attacks On Churches – Violent, Vitriolic & Vicious!

  Thanks to Billy Rojas for the assembling of this documentation of which this writer actually experienced fist hand one of the attacks. Violent attacks by homosexuals against Christian churches – 1989 to 2017 By: Billy Rojas The following Timeline was compiled from ten separate sources located after considerable time searching,  as part of research […]

10 Minute Video – How Thug Immigrants In Sweden Rape Young Girls With Impunity! No Go Zones Growing!

Convicted Muslim “Groomers” (Men kidnap girls & enslave them to prostitution) Thug Immigrants (Muslim Men) Rape With Impunity!  Here’s how you stop it.  The police go into a “No Go” zone, and round up everyone.  Handcuff them.  Put them on a boat; take them (no opportunity to pee or poop except in their pants) feed […]