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Jewish Legislator Says; “Trump No Racist” & He Backs It Up With A Significant Number Of Examples & Trump Took No Credit For What He Did – Unlike Lefties!

Trump No Racist! Says Andrew Stein… Trump No Racist!  These examples won’t make the bought and paid for corporate leftist fake news media, but they still should get wide circulation if the readers of this BLOG care about the truth. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts […]

Doxxing – The Newest Strategy Of Leftist, Fascist, Nazi, Communist, Socialist, Democrat Scum To Intimidate, Destroy & Defame Any Conservative Opposition To Their Thuggery, Theft & Thoracic Death Grip!

  Doxxing – Imagine These People Watching Your Every Move On Your Computer & Protesting On Your Front Lawn! Doxxing To Intimidate Opposition!  We are entering an era of thuggery the likes of which Americans have never seen, at least not on this scale! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To […]

U. C. Riverside Professor Reza Aslan Wants You Dead Unless You Agree With Him! Now That Kind Of Thinking Really Takes A Lot Of Scholarship – Kudos Reza!

  Muslim Scholar/Professor Reza Aslan DTS (Doctor of Thuggery Science) Islamic Thug U.C. Professor Wants To “Eradicate” Anyone Who Disagrees With Him.  Hey, isn’t that what the Qur’an/Koran is all about?  AND, how should Reza be dealt with – in the bought & paid for corporate Fascist Fake News Media, he will be glorified. Read […]

Dayton Ohio Shooter A Hard Core Leftist, Antifa & Satanist – Hey What’ s Not To Like?

  Ohio Shooter, Leftist & Satanist Connor Betts Dayton Shooter – A Leftist & Satanist   The media will conceal this as best they can.  Will we ever know if this guy was on psychotropic drugs – his girlfriend thought he was a good candidate. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To […]

Video – James Corbett Details The History Of The Federal Reserve & How Congress Gave Away America’s Sovereignty!

  The Not So Federal Federal Reserve Bank.  You’ve been and still are being hoodwinked (cheated for those unfamiliar with the term).  Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman Emeritus of Goldman Sachs – the most corrupt bank in America – pimps for same sex marriage here!  Bankers are Communist change agents – they want total control and to […]