Politics – What Is It? The Bottom Line Is That The Objectivists & The Subjectivists Cannot Reconcile Their Differences Peacefully Any More!


Politic is from the Greek root word politice which means citizen.  Therefore, politics is citizenship.  So, what is a citizen?  A citizen is a member of an organized society living within certain designated geographical boundaries, a nation, and who agree to live under certain transcendent laws (natural or Biblical) and cultural norms within some sort of commonly agreed upon order which binds the member’s (citizen’s) consciences.  Therefore, it can be said all political issues and/or differences have as their root, religious and/or moral problems, and politics is the peaceful working out of those differences.

Religion is a formal set of beliefs in what is right and/or wrong.  Morals are the acting out of what is right and/or wrong.  Therefore, it can be concluded that religion and morals are virtually inseparable.  Politics is the method of legislating and adjudicating any differences between parties who are adamantly at odds; often times, it is to quell violent behavior or infringement upon what is considered  the rights of individuals.  A right can be considered that which is normal and desirable for an individual to seek naturally for him/herself. in order to achieve reasonable happiness and comfort without infringing upon another to obtain that desired result.  The political approach provides referees and policemen to enforce that which is agreed upon and therefore provides a mechanism for protecting individual’s rights.

Ultimately, it comes down to the nature and origin of the religious and moral beliefs.  There are only two sources from which they can originate.  One is a subjective source, and that is man (mankind), and the other is the God of creation (sometimes referred to as natural law).  If man (subjectivist) is the source of morals, then the political solutions will favor those who are in power; that is to say those who have the most money, the greatest numbers, the most fearful weapons or the most persuasive rhetoric, and they will rule the roost.  If that is the case, then there will be constant plunder, bribery, oppression, lying, stealing, cheating, murder, adultery, divorce, etc. as those who are in power favor their friends at the expense of their enemies in part by uneven enforcement of the moral laws.

On the other hand, if God is the source of the religion and morals (objectivist), then there will still be violators, but the violators will be dealt with objectively and effectively so that they are either eliminated from society or restored to good behavior in society as the case may be.  Man’s laws change constantly, and become convoluted and unevenly enforced.  God’s laws remain the same always, and can, may not be, but can be implemented with objectivity and an even-handed uniformity.  Looking at today’s society in America, we can see what it’s like to live under man’s subjective laws and morals.

The polarization is as diametrically opposed as it possibly could be.  You have people who think it’s o.k. for men to have sex with men, and women with women, and adults with children or animals.  Then you have people who operate under the objective laws of God, who say “No” to all of that.  Who’s right?  Who adjudicates that?  If the adjudicators are subjective in their origin of laws, then how can we be sure they are right in their decisions?  If the adjudicators are objective in their origin of laws, then how can we be sure they are right?  The objective authority has millennia of history on its side as having been prosperous, and beneficial when practiced properly and faithfully.  The subjective authority has millennia of history with abject moral and material poverty, bribery, chaos, violence, war, hatred, agitation and all sorts of problems that keep the adjudicators busy and well paid as is the case in today’s America.  Now, it must be admitted that there are brief moments under the aegis of either subjectivists or objectivists where things operated in juxtaposition.  Therefore, we are talking about a preponderance and not an exclusive nature overall.

The subjectivists will deny history, and even deny what is seen right before their eyes.  Additionally, they will blame everything on external forces such as an economic and/or cultural environment.  In a worst case scenario, they will pick on a certain segment of their society (more than likely the objectivists or some racial minority), and they will persecute and/or murder them.  The objectivists learn from history and blame the problems on those who have turned from the law of God.  The contrast could not be clearer.  Among other things, the subjectivists want to confiscate and spend the money of the objectivists, and to control their property and liberty.  The objectivists reject that.

Politics is the first resort to resolve problems between those who are disagreeing on religious/moral issues.  That is the ballot box.  If it becomes too contentious, and particularly if there is a high degree of bias being exercised, then the next level is the jury box.  Lastly, if injustice prevails, and things cannot be reconciled peacefully, then there is the cartridge box.  The last option leads to civil war within a nation.  What will be the basis for religion and morality in America in the future?  If the subjectivists remain in control, the outcome will be very dismal indeed.

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