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5 Minute Video – Chris Hughes, Who Was A Co-Founder Of Facebook Suggests That Facebook (Fakebook) Is Too Powerful!

  Facebook Too Big! Related Post: Video – Oh, Don’t Throw Me In The Briar Patch Brer Fox – No, Don’t Do Dat! If You Have Not Seen The Politically Incorrect Disney Film Song Of The South, Then You Will Have No Idea Of What This Speaks! Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To […]

Kenyan (African) Citizens Charge UNICEF With Using Tetanus Vaccine To Sterilize Their Female Children!!!

  UNICEF Uses Vaccine To Sterilize Females!   Joseph Mengele has nothing on the thugs from UNICEF and their benevolent backer Bill Gates.  Keep pushing those vaccines, and we’ll decimate the world’s population soon enough!  Well, maybe not soon enough for the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, UNICEF, Jacques Cousteau, and all the other people wringing their […]

Colorado Hate Crime Ignored By Media Because It Was Black On White. White On Black & It Would Have Led The Evening News – Rest Assured!!!

Colorado Hate Crime Ignored By Corporate Media.   Black on white crime is good; white on black crime is bad – hey that sounds politically correct – leftists would endorse that ideology – and even Democrats would go along with it; ah but please forgive the repetition. Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To […]

Video Interview Deleted – Dr. Suzanne Humphries Discussed The F.B.I. Attack On Her & Her Opposition To Big Pharma’s Vaccine Thuggery, Lies & Corruption. Here’s Her Take On Vaccine Safety!

Dr. Humphries Interview On Vaccines   Big pharma is not going to let their billions of extorted/mandated dollars go down the tubes.  They will kill you slowly with their vaccines, and if you oppose them, then they will kill you outright if they can.  Hey look at Big Chemical – they do the same kind of […]

5 Minute Video – The Horrifying Attack On Your 1st Amendment Right By Big Tech With Full Support From Corporate Media

  Horrifying Attack On Your 1st Amendment Rights   Tucker Carlson nails it and reveals the enemies of your individual Bill of Rights freedoms!  Thank you Tucker; you are one of the very last voices in the corporate media to speak the truth and defend liberty! Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass […]

Brief Video – Anti-Zionism Is Now Officially The Same As Antisemitism!

  Anti-Zionism Is Officially The Same As Antisemitism   Yes folks, Mike Pompeo has declared publicly before the AIPAC organization that this is official U.S. policy. What it means is that you will be guilty of a hate crime (punishable in Europe by a jail sentence) if you criticize Israel’s governmental actions – like shooting Palestinians! To […]