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Technocriminals Push Fake Science – Hey Apple; You’re Full Of S _ _ t!!! (No profanity here – that’s shot – yeah right!)

  Apple Technocriminals Pushing Fake Science.  Here’s your 7th grade biology question;  “What do plants breathe in order to live?”   Answer:  Carbon dioxide – CO2)  What do plants exhale?  Answer: Oxygen.   What do people need to breathe in order to live?   Answer:  Oxygen  What do people exhale?  Answer:  CO2.  It’s a vicious cycle God created […]

White Supremacist Group? Not Likely! Christians? Not Likely! CIA? Likely!

    Fake Protesters Create Fake News.  This is how to create religious wars and race wars.  Just get some government paid stooges or CIA agents to go on the street masquerading as the enemy of someone else, and then the fireworks start.  No “true” Christian would have ever done this, and “true” Christians know […]

U.S. Special Forces Guide Shows How To Successfully Overthrow A Nation!!!

  Overthrowing A Nation 101   If this isn’t an admission of corrupt American foreign policy and military abuse, then what is?  Hey Democrats – take this to the Russians if they don’t already have it! Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth […]