Coincidence – Convenience – Conspiracy?

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California has mandated vaccines with no exemptions for religious objections.  Colorado is in the process of doing virtually the same thing and it will be on the law books by 1/1/20.   Democrats in particular are opposed to anything but maybe medical exemptions.  All of this hoopla is either by chance, or by design.  If by chance, it is as incredible a coincidence as quadrillions of eons of evolution from man coming from a one celled creature through a big bang that came from nowhere?  The other possibility is that it is by design.

Now, before you get all worked up into a warm and fuzzy rejections of such an audacious claim, consider the following.  George W. Bush gave the pharmaceutical industry a big bone when he gave them federal Medicare and Medicaid coverage.  That’s like telling them they’ve got an unlimited advertising budget – have you seen more Big Pharma ads on TV lately?  In other words, he told the pharmaceutical industry, that they would be paid whatever they wanted for medications they provided to any Federally subsidized patients on those two programs which are growing exponentially and both bankrupt, but people are still getting sick, and they’ve been convinced by propaganda to rely upon Big Pharma for their daily “fix”It comes to 9 – 13 prescriptions a year for the elderly.

According to my brother who worked for Smith Kline and French (SKF, the largest pharmaceutical company in America at the time and now merged under the name Glaxo Smith Kline – the 6th largest in the world today), and he told me that ALL PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS ARE POISON!  He made this declaration while he was currently employed by SKF.

Is it any wonder why American’s, especially a large number of elderly Americans, are sick and stuck in nursing home warehouses – also subsidized by the government?  As noted above, the elderly are taking 9 – 13 prescriptions of “POISON” every year!  Read that sentence again!  Is it any wonder that being inundated and overdosed by this many toxins (poisons) constantly,  why there are so many palsies, Alzheimer’s, speech impediments, paralysis, organ failures (need for transplants), incontinence, osteoporosis, suicides, murders, autism, and a myriad of other problems that were never heard of 50 years ago.  We’re being poisoned to death and insanity!  Mandated vaccines include adjuvants which means mercury and aluminum which are known neurotoxins which do BRAIN DAMAGE!!!   Can you say “Stupid”?  Can you say “Corrupt”?  Can you say “Stop it”?

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