Here’s What Congress & The U.S. Supreme Court Have To Say About Vaccines & You Better Pay Attention!!!


Congress and the US Supreme Court said vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,”  Did you know that Congress legislated in 1988 that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for product liability if their vaccines cause injury?  Did you know that California has mandated that children have vaccines for 10 different diseases, and there are no religious exemptions?  Not only that, but California now mandates vaccines for adults (Senate Bill S-792) with no exemptions and criminal penalties for those who refuse them.  As goes California, so goes the nation.  Did you know that vaccines contain deadly toxins like mercury and aluminum which can cause nerve disorders and autism?  Did you know that your leaders take bribes (sometimes referred to as campaign contributions) from the pharmaceutical industry?  Have you noticed how many pharmaceutical ads are on TV in prime time?  Do you think the News networks will expose the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies?  They know who butters their bread.  Medicine at gun-point is bad medicine!  It’s what the NAZI’s practiced in Germany in the 1930’s, and many of those doctors involved came to America to work for the U.S. government or big pharma after the war.


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