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Watch The Movie Vaxxed! You’ll Wish You Could Be UnVaxxed!

Vaxxed; The Movie – a Robert DeNiro commentary! Are you one of those deceived into believing vaccines are good?  Here’s a question nobody is answering, and the propagandists are not even asking.  Ask yourself if, “IF” a vaccine works, then what difference does it make if other people don’t want to be vaccinated and are willing […]

Free – Watch The Full Length Version Of Vaxxed! Vaccines Are Deadly & Actor Robert DeNiro Got Behind This Documentary & Did A Good Job!

  Vaxxed – The Movie    This movie exposes the fraud of the vaccine industry and their corruption.  Watch it during this limited engagement for free. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! http://www.touchstoneconnect.com […]

30 Minute Video – Vaxxed – Great Way To Defeat America Without Firing A Shot!

  It’s A Vaccine War!  What if by 2035 half of all children in America suffered from autism or severe allergies – there’d be no soldiers, no police force, no economy, because everyone would be incapacitated by disease, or taking care of someone who is. VAXXED THE MOVIE – GET IT HERE Feel Free To […]

Here’s What Congress & The U.S. Supreme Court Have To Say About Vaccines & You Better Pay Attention!!!

  Congress and the US Supreme Court said vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,”  Did you know that Congress legislated in 1988 that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for product liability if their vaccines cause injury?  Did you know that California has mandated that children have vaccines for 10 different diseases, and there are no religious exemptions?  […]

GAO (Government Accountability Office) PDF Exposes The Fact That Most Settlements In The Vaccine Court Are Settled Through Negotiation So The Truth Doesn’t Have To Come Out!

  Go to page 8 of the PDF to see the documentation.  If you are not already aware, the Congress instituted legislation that makes it impossible to sue the pharmaceutical industry.  How corrupt is that?  Of course George W. Bush was the scumbag numero uno who made taxpayers pay for all of the pharmaceutical products […]