Watch The Movie Vaxxed! You’ll Wish You Could Be UnVaxxed!


Vaxxed; The Movie – a Robert DeNiro commentary!Robert DeNiro Are you one of those deceived into believing vaccines are good?  Here’s a question nobody is answering, and the propagandists are not even asking.  Ask yourself if, “IF” a vaccine works, then what difference does it make if other people don’t want to be vaccinated and are willing to risk the disease – you’re already protected by a vaccine – right?  Is there no freedom of choice?  Are the vaccine manufacturers so powerful that they can just mandate one vaccine after another without any limit to how many, how much or how often?  Question authority – especially government mandated events that affect your physical well being.  Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments.  There’s a Mengelian (Joseph Mengele) example of diabolical medical malpractice that our government has already demonstrated they are not only capable of doing, but have no compunction for doing all sorts of evil.  Hey we’re just guinea pigs – right?

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