Rothschilds Own A Lot Of Banks – Here’s The Extensive List. This Post Exposes The Massive Jewish (Rothschild Headed) Control Of The World’s Wealth & Therefore Governments.


Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild.  The Jewish Virtual Library documents the Jewish population to be .15% of the world’s population.  America is allied with Israel and fights their battles for them.   Jacob Rothschild, by his own admission, in the Jewish News Times of Israel acknowledged that the Rothschilds were “instrumental” in the founding of Israel.  Israel is a thorn in the side of the Middleast, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.  Ah, but the porcine bankers and the ADL (Anti-defamation League) will scream antisemitism.  Not so, as this writer has children of Jewish descent, and he is not anti his children.  This writer also has had some of his most prosperous business dealings with and for Jewish people.  No, this writer is not an anti-Semite!  This writer is just asking how .15%  (that’s 1 in every 660 + people on the planet can have such a disproportionate influence and control upon the people of this world.

Considering the Rothschilds dominance over central banking, and the subsequent misery (inflation/deflation, crime, deceitful propaganda, civil strife, tyranny, wars etc.) that ensues in all of the nations who have a central bank, one must start to ask some questions.  First, are all Jews bad people?  The answer is an emphatic “No!”.  Second, are there some bad Jews?  The answer is an emphatic “Yes!”.  Just as there are good and bad Muslims, good and bad atheists, and maybe even good and bad Christians?  Yes, bad Christians who don’t understand the Bible, and still think Israel, which hates Christians, is special, and they must be sycophants before them.  They are called Dispensational Christians, and they are ruining the world as they function as minions for Israel instead of Jesus Christ.  Israel also hates Jesus Christ, and probably even their own Bible.  They prefer the Talmud which is a distortion of the Bible.

In fact, just because someone professes to be something, does not necessarily make it so.  A true Jew should love and obey the God Who chose him as “special”.  How many Jews fit that definition today?  The Rothschilds have enlisted a preponderance of like minded Jews (Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen et al.) to be their minions in enslaving the world to debt whether they are bankers, treasury heads, pressure groups or politicians who vote to indebt the people.  This writer, having been part of a Jewish family, has seen how shallow the Theological, political and economic insights are with the average Jew.  They hear something from someone they trust, and they believe it and parrot it without even fully understanding it or applying any intellectual honesty and/or investigation  into the situation at hand.  They also tend to be very clannish when it comes to letting someone into their inner circle, it doesn’t happen with a very rare exception possibly.  That does not mean that all Jews are Zionists (Jewish domination), as there are some who are not, and they speak out.  Their voices are generally muffled in the din of Jewish establishment propaganda.

In the Jewish writings of the Tanakh (Old Testament to the Goyim/Unbelievers), Proverbs: 22-7 states that the “…borrower is slave to the lender…”.  The American government is heavily in debt, which means Americans are in debt.  This is not exclusive to America, as the world debt is in the multiple of trillions of dollars exceeding the world’s gross domestic product, and therefore way beyond ever being paid off.  The central banking scam allows for money to be created out of thin air and loaned at interest.  Meanwhile under the system they have, the money is never really there except on a ledger sheet.  Therefore, the money can never be paid back because it is no more than a figment (digital entry on the books) in the imagination of the banker’s eye, and the debt is perpetual until it is repudiated.  Repudiation of debt leads to wars so the bankers who control the world’s governments (including military) can collect the debt from the delinquent account which is in default.  The bottom line is that the world has become a slave of the central banking system which is primarily run by the Rothschild family and their minions.

The only solution is to repudiate the debt, and that may well lead to war, but what is worse war or slavery?  Socialism is the economic tool the bankers love, and one must remember that behind the velvet glove of socialism is an iron fist.  It’s, for all intents and purposes, a type of Hobson’s choice.

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