Daily Archives: April 27, 2018

5 Minute Video – Diamond & Silk Stand Up To A Black Leftist Congresswoman – Black Leftists Don’t Like Black Conservatives.

  Diamond & Silk Shred Congresswoman Shirley Jackson Lee – Certified Marxist Leninist.  Listen to subsequent series on same You Tube thread.  Here’s Diamond & Silk’s Official Site.  Just remember, it’s illegal for Black people to be conservative or think for themselves – at least it’s illegal in the mind’s eye of Democrat leftist scum. Feel […]

20 Minute Video Interview With Edward Snowden On The Realities & Dangers Of Being A Whistle Blower.

  Edward Snowden On Whistle Blowers.  The bottom line is that if whistle blowers are “protected”, the government’s reaction will be the same.  The whistle blower cannot testify in open court any of the details upon which he’s blowing the whistle.  They will likely go to prison and be shut up from the world for […]