Daily Archives: April 21, 2018

Free Medicare, Free College, Reparations For Blacks. This Is The Goal Of The Democracy Alliance – Over 100 Leftists Who Contribute $200K A Year Or More To Destroy America – It’s A Familiar List Of Who’s Who In America.

  Why would the beautiful and Rich People who have enjoyed phenomenal success in a free America want to destroy it and turn everyone over to slavery with a totally Leftist Agenda that is vitriolic and unprincipled?  There are “Key Players”, shadowy people unknown to the general public along with leftist, subversive, Communist “Affiliated Organizations” Democracy […]

4 Minute Video News Report – Grenade Attacks Daily In Sweden, 62 No Go Zones, Police Afraid, Rape Of Children & Women Rampant – Hey What’s Not To Like?

  Sweden Down The Tubes!  Hey, how’s that Muslim immigration invasion working out?  Sharia law forever!  Rape good!  Violence good!  Lying, cheating, stealing good!  Filthy living good!  George Soros good!  No George Soros scum – no good!  Fight back or get back. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the […]

Why Is There A Big Push For A Cashless Society/Economy? Here’s An Excellent Analysis.

  Thanks to Bob Livingston Newsletter for the following analysis of Cash Vs. Credit. Federal taxes were “due” last week, and there’s something you should know about all that money being disappeared from the system: Cash is no longer king. Credit rules. Movement of money used to be important. Now it’s the movement of debt. […]