Daily Archives: April 7, 2018

20 Minute Video – California Law Proposed Will Require Fact Checking For All Social Media Including BLOGs

  Digital Fact Checking Law.   Yes, California is the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes, and the leftists there will not rest until they have either perverted, plundered or propelled everyone into slavery.  Meanwhile who checks the politicians “facts” to verify them?  Sieg Heil all you goose stepping socialist (NAZI, National Socialists) leftist, lying, thieving, […]

A List Of The Types Of Governments That Exist In The World

  Video On American Governemnt The following list is substantial, but not exhaustive.  Additionally, be mindful that it is impossible to separate types of government with types of economic systems – they go hand in glove.  Familiarize yourself with these terms and do not be deceived by them or their magical sound or repetitive usage […]

15 Minute Video – The Influence Of George Soros Over America’s Government, Education, Religion & The Moral & Economic Fall Out It Causes!

  Soros – The Face Of Evil.  He needs to be arrested, locked up, charged, tried, convicted and publicly executed with all of his monies (including that which he has given to his Open Society Foundation) confiscated.  Watch this video so you can see how insidiously he has insinuated and permeated his ideology through out […]

30 Minute Video – Tenacious Londoner Challenges Police To Enforce The Law Against Public Group Prayer By Anyone – But Muslims Seem Exempt. Bonus Audio Police Investigation Of A Hate Crime.

  Muslims Violate Law With Impunity!  Hey why not; they’ve managed to intimidate all of England – they’re exempt from searches so they can carry knives and slash, stab and kill people in the street including policemen.  Another Audio On Hate Crime Investigation! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes […]