A List Of The Types Of Governments That Exist In The World (Not An Exhaustive List, But Comprehensive)

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The following list is substantial, but not exhaustive.  Additionally, be mindful that it is impossible to separate types of government with types of economic systems – they go hand in glove.  Familiarize yourself with these terms and do not be deceived by them or their magical sound or repetitive usage improperly or otherwise:

Americanism – a special form of government that allows for people to choose their way of doing business without being told what to do or where to go by government.  High morality plus unbounded prospsertity characterize this form of government which has, for the most part, been lost to a Socialist form of government.  The most distinctive feature of Americanism is that people’s rights come from God – not government.

Anarchy – no government at all which is impossible save for a few hours or days until a new government is formed to restore order.  Man will not tolerate disorder indefinitely.  Thomas Jefferson said that; “If men were angels, there would be no need for government.”

Bolshevism – the majority party in the Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution which brought Communism to Russia and much of the world through violence and deception.  The Bolshevik Revolution was financed and facilitated by western bankers in America and Europe.

Capitalism – is the concept that an individual, or more often than not, a group of individuals may join forces financially to create sufficient monies to form a corporation for the purpose of producing goods and/or services to be disseminated to the public or to governments.  The interested parties own a percentage of the entity formed, and that interest is represented by the holding of either, or both, stocks and bonds in the corporate entity.  From that investment comes, if all goes well for the parties, interest income, dividends, and/or increased valuation of the investment.  One result that is usually observed out of this process is the buying of influence of law makers (politicians) by way of campaign contributions with the idea in mind that the politicians will legislate favorable treatment for the entity, and/or unfavorable treatment for any competitors in the same field, and/or usually always, some obstacles for those trying to enter the field.

Communism – is the total control and ownership of everything with the idea that the state is god and man exists to serve the state.  Communism is referred to as scientific atheism.  It is characterized by brutality, murder, deception, oppression, inconsistent philosophies, propaganda under state education, keeping the populace off balance and utilizing chaos to control people.  Additionally, Communism tends to discourage production, so that vast shortages of goods and services exist for the masses while there is plenty for the elite.  There is basically no middle class in a Communist system.

Corporatism – This was the preferred term to be used by Mussolini; see Fascism.

Democracy – is the idea of egalitarianism where one man has one vote, and the majority rules.  Historically, democracies have never lasted, and they are a transition to more despotic rule such as anarchy, oligarchy or dictatorship.  Typically, elections get rigged and voters get bribed with welfare schemes.  Democracy has often been referred to as “two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”.

Dictatorship – this is rule of everything within a nation by a single person.  It only exists in theory, because no one person can do it without some people behind him.  See Oligarchy.

Fascism – is a term coined by Benito Mussolini’s Italian government before the advent of World War II.  It amounts to a partnership between government and industry.  It assures preferred treatment for certain industries and the moguls who run them.  In exchange for that, the politicians hold a secure place in the government’s leadership, and all is well for both parties as long as they play nice with each other.  This kind of government is frequently characterized by economic upheaval and assassinations.  Mussolini was assassinated (murdered).

Free Enterprise – there are two facets to this.  See Libertineism for one.  The other form is under a Biblical Christian morality which allows all people to operate freely in the economy in whatever way they please as long as it does not conflict with the civil, moral and economic precepts addressed in the Bible.

Internationalism – this is a system which operates under a single authority which oversees and controls all economic activity.  This kind of government will be the same as tyranny, and is closely associated with both Communism and Socialism.  Internationalism is also a stated goal of the Islamists who promote Islamism.

Islamism – is the same as internationalism with the following consideration that all is under Allah (the God of Islam), and that Islam is a world view that incorporates all aspects of life including the economic, political, moral, and religious aspects of life.  Historically, this view has turned into an oligarchy, and been rife with evil, corruption, violence, war, tyranny and persecution under the guise of Sharia law.

Kakistocracy – Rule by the worst people.

Libertineism – cold be characterize by the French economic ideal of Laissez Faire which means let it alone.  Let it operate with no regulations or restraints or incentives.  Due to the nature of man, this will become corrupt in no time and/or lead to anarchy.

Mercantilism – this is a system that is organized by merchants for the purpose of trading within or among nations.  It was a key philosophy to early America’s success economically, and embodies a high degree of freedom although not as ideal or equitable as Free Enterprise as described earlier.  Additionally, due to the historical nature of man, this form can easily be perverted and become tyrannical and unjust.

Meritocracy – is a system of rewards commensurate with the efforts and production of an individual or group.  Think of a straight commission salesperson.  They don’t get paid unless they produce results.  Under a governmental system of meritocracy, the rewards, and denial of rewards can still be subject to political machinations, and therefore, still does not compare to a true free enterprise system as noted earlier.  Nonetheless, it has “merit”, if you will, over 90% of the rest of the offerings.

Monarchy – Rule by one – usually through an inherited position and a bloodline.

Nationalism – is a system that purports to favor the nation state in question.  The problem is that nation states must be able to interact and trade freely.  National Socialism is identified with the NAZI party which fomented World War II and was guilty of egregious mistreatment of large swaths of their population.  The cry “America First” is decried by opponents as “Fascist” but must be construed accurately as favoring American sovereignty as opposed to internationalism.

Naziism – See Nationalism, and also note that the NAZI’s were closely allied with the Communists at the outset of World War II.

Oligarchy – this is the most common form of government in the world today.  It consists of the wealthiest and most powerful people in a nation (they often join forces – even across national borders) to rule with an iron fist.  They are the ones who finance the politicians to be elected.  They also choose those politicians.  It is their strategy to create the impression that people have a choice in whom they elect in order for the public to be able to let off some steam every election, and of course the dominant political group (IE. Republican, Democrat) will rotate in and out of power, but they own both parties, so nothing changes.  The mechanism that they use so effectively to put this system in place is known as fiat currency.  Fiat currency has no intrinsic value, and is implemented by force of law with these people in charge of the amount of currency available, and the cost of that currency, and they are organized under what is termed a central bank.  This system has become very sophisticated and dominates nearly worldwide.  Rooting it out, if you’re unhappy with it, will be exceedingly difficult.  Until their greed causes them to fight amongst themselves, or the people rise up against them  en masse, or God intervenes miraculously, their foothold is fairly secure.  An example of American Oligarchs would include Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg to name a few of the more prominent.

Paternalism – is a system purportedly based upon benevolence and the kind care of the populace.  It is a hyper form of Socialism with ideals that sound great, but will fall flat as do all non-voluntary forms of benevolence.

Plutocracy – Rule by the rich.

Republic – this system is representative government with law being the standard.  Laws are legislated and then become the rule.  America, by way of its Constitution, is a republic.  Characteristics of a republic include a stable judicial system with a high degree of objectivity.  Due to the nature of man, republics are constantly under pressure to change and be more flexible with a need for more exceptions to the rule.  Over time, they degenerate into democracies.

Socialism – is a system whereby private property remains in the hands of the individual, but the state controls the use of that property and taxes and regulates it heavily.  Additionally, Socialism is a form of paternalism whereby the system provides and/or mandates, from the private sector, income, food, shelter, transportation, medical care etc. to the individuals unable to provide for themselves (generally the inability can be attributed to the expensive nature of socialism).  Characteristically, the expense of Socialism grows to the point where there are fewer and fewer producers, and more and more takers until everyone is living off of the government.  This system usually collapses of its own weight and devolves into Communism.  There is a saying; “Behind the velvet glove of Socialism is an iron fist.”  Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto, actually sought out Socialism as the ultimate vehicle for achieving Communism.  Marx hated the middle class whom he referred to by the French term bourgeois.  Marx pushed the idea “from each according to his ability to each according to his need“.

Theocracy – is a system run by God/god.  Ancient Israel was a Theocracy albeit poorly and corruptly run at times under Biblical authority.  There’s a big difference between doing what God says, and doing what you think God says.  Man’s sinful nature has a tendency to distort those truths.  Unbiased hermeneutics (interpretation) of God’s word is a critical factor, and the human equation makes perfection impossible.  Islam is another form of theocracy based upon the Qur’an (Koran) which is the Islamic Holy Book.  Characteristics of theocracies include an oligarchical mentality, oppression, special procedures to which the culture must adhere, and when operating as is commanded by the God of the Bible, provide order, justice, prosperity and high standards of morality – ideal, but rarely accomplished, and never to perfection.  Under Allah (the god of the Qur’an), there’s a much inferior result than from the Bible’s results.  In Islam, there is an element of a class structure with women at the bottom of the ladder.

Tyranny – the term is rooted in the Greek word tyranos which means godless rule.  It is usually characterized by an oppressive and dishonest government.

Universalism – is along the lines of Internationalism, although it incorporates, as do the Islamists, a religious tone.  Under universalism, god is not so clearly defined as under the Christian Bible or the Islamists Qur’an.  It is characterized by chaos, disorder, corruption, immorality, unclear philosophies, tribal instincts etc.

The founders of America gave us a democratically elected representative republican form of government based upon Biblical morality and economic and civil body politic precepts.  The bottom line is that representatives get elected to uphold and defend the Constitution, and not to overthrow it.  The Constitution guarantees our God given rights to be free in honest pursuit of happiness – not the guarantee of happiness.

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