An Open Letter To The Corporate Media – Just In Case You Haven’t Figured It Out!


You cover anti-gun/2nd Amendment demonstrations.

You ignore pro-gun/2nd Amendment demonstrations.

You cover favorably tax increases.

You cover unfavorably tax decreases.

You cover pro-abortion/family planning demonstrations favorably.

You cover (if at all) pro-life demonstrations unfavorably.

You cover pro-war viewpoints favorably.

You cover anti-war viewpoints unfavorably.

You cover big government favorably.

You cover individual freedom unfavorably – unless it’s a license to be immoral.

You provide sympathy to the poor, the criminal and the degenerate.

You abhor support for the prosperous productive, the law abiding and the regenerate.

Basically, you support evil and hate righteousness.  No wonder nobody believes you any more, and instead people are flocking to the independent media which you also abhor and try to overthrow.  The corporate media is rife with scum, liars, cheats, traitors which includes the owners and the paid stooges that sit in front of the cameras lying through their teeth.  How do you know a newscaster is lying?  His/Her lips are moving!

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