True Story


Back in the 1990’s, a meeting was announced to hear a speaker.  The speaker’s name was Lou Sheldon from Sacramento, a well known opponent of “special rights” for homosexuals, and the location of the speaking event was a San Francisco church.  The meeting was not public, nor was it publicly announced.  Nonetheless, word got out among the homosexuals, and they showed up en-masse and blocked the entrance to the church.  My pastor showed up to hear what Lou had to say.

As an aside, prior to this incident, my pastor was fire bombed Pastor Firebombed in his home along with his family when he successfully defended his church against a law suit by a homosexual organist who was hired by his church, and then revealed his sexual proclivities and was fired as a result.  He wrote a book about this Book. This kind of violence is the homosexual mentality, and a precursor to the Antifa/BLM mentality that rages in the streets of America today.

Back to the church meeting; as my pastor arrived, the church was surrounded by militant, chanting, violent homosexuals.  There was also a substantial contingent of police on site.  Sadly, many of the police were homosexuals S.F. Police, and the remainder were intimidated by them (homosexuals conspire and stick together to promote and defend their ideology).

My pastor and his wife, both well known to the homosexual community of San Francisco and around the country, were forced to run a gauntlet to get into the church, and in the process, they were jostled, pushed, yelled at and intimidated. Damage was done to the church property which the police ignored.  The police ignored the assaults on my pastor and his wife, and the police ignored (ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?) homosexuals beating on the doors of the church Genesis Ch 9:4 – 9, and crying out; “We want your children.”  Bear in mind that children were in the church at the time.  Pedophilia anyone?  Child rape?  “Gay Pride”?  What are they proud of?  What’s your limit?

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Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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