What Homosexuals Do – Not For The Faint Of Heart Or Particularly Sensitive!


If you don’t have the stomach for this, then read no further.  The gory details are listed below.  This will be rather graphic, but in order to understand the nature of this, there is no other way.  If you already have made up your mind that this kind of conduct is not good or healthy, then read no further.

This Post is for the uninitiated, open minded, ignorant, victims of establishment propaganda, victims of molestation, and whomever wants to become better informed about a serious threat to our nation.  It is a moral, spiritual, economic, geopolitical and health threat of a magnitude that one can hardly comprehend, and it is a very heavy burden on the taxpayer, and that is just in its infancy.  CDC Cost Of HIV  George W. Bush capitulated to the homosexual community with the Medicare pharmaceutical bill. Now, you’re on the hook for all of their miscreant behavior described below.

Also bear in mind that a very high percentage of homosexuals were molested as young children or teenagers.  Obviously, they had to be molested by older homosexuals.  They will try to say heterosexuals do the same thing, but per capita, the preponderance of molestation is dramatically higher within the homosexual community.  That statistic may be manipulated as the homosexual molestation is put into effect through government (public) shcool indoctrination and media (Hollywood/TV) continue to push and glorify the behvior without exposing the negatives that go along with it.  All this draws unsuspecting souls into the web of deception and degeneracy.  One negative is the violence that accompanies the lifestyle.  Another problem is homosexuals suffer dimentia in a greater preponderance!   For statistics and further information, visit the following link to learn details that the corporate media and homosexuals do not want you to know – Family Research Institute

The following will use terminology with which the homosexual community is familiar and comfortable.  The definitions of the terms are from the internet – primarily Wikipedia, so they are not made up by this writer.  Warning: this may be considered revolting and graphic stuff, but it is all over the internet, and it is infecting the minds, spirits, health (mental/physical) and behavior of the young people of America.  Some of this activity has supposedly filtered into the heterosexual community, or at least they would like you to believe that, because it helps to justify what they do if somebody else does it.  You know, “Hey, mom, Johnny is buggering his buddy; why can’t I?”  All of these are predominantly oriented toward the homosexual community, and there are dozens and dozens of web sites that expose this stuff all of the time.  This has a pornographic nature to it, and so if you have any weaknesses in that area, please avoid and go no further.

Upon reading the following, you will have to conclude that the homosexual “lifestyle” is more like a “deathstyle”.   Homosexuals first got AIDS back in the mid-1980’s, and when doctors first diagnosed it, they called it “GRID” which was an acronym for Gay Related Immune Deficiency.  They even came up with another disease about which there is no discussion – gay related bowel syndrome.  You’ll understand more about this one when you read below.  The doctors who came up with those two, were harangued, harassed and intimidated until they came up with a more generic name that wouldn’t identify exclusively with the “gay” community. They wanted to spread the blame to drug addicts and promiscuous heterosexuals.  Therefore, they came up with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – “acquired”? – just an accident apparently).  A San Francisco General Hospital emergency room doctor, Lorraine Day, wrote a book Amazon Link For Book on all the things she had to deal with such as coke bottles inserted up the rectum of men, and which had to be surgically removed!  Hey, isn’t that normal?

Now, the damage is done, and taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year per person to keep homosexuals “free” to indulge their pleasure without getting AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which sounds like an innocent accident that somebody just happened to pick up off of a toilet seat), everything is o.k. now!

You’ve been forewarned, now here are the terms:

Golden Shower

A golden shower involves urinating on another person, or being urinated on yourself.

Some find the practice sexually stimulating. In some cases, it’s used as a form of humiliation. A golden shower is not purely a gay custom. Some heterosexual couples do it, too. It’s one of the most popular “watersports”.

Golden Bath

A golden bath is similar to a golden shower, but it involves urinating during anal sex into the rectum or colon of one’s partner.


Urolagnia doesn’t necessarily require the physical act of urination. It’s a term used to describe gaining sexual pleasure from the thought of urination, although it can include stimulation gained from watching another urinate. Urolagnia is also known as urophilia. Golden showers and golden baths fall under this umbrella term. A urophiliac might gain stimulation from urinating in public.


Urophagia is the act of drinking or consuming urine, or even watching someone else drink it. This is nothing new to the 21st century and the practice doesn’t actually have its roots in sexuality. Ancient civilizations, including the Romans and the Chinese, routinely engaged in urophagia for healing and other health purposes, although they generally drank their own urine.

Fisting:  Be prepared for some revolting stuff and see that they try to apply it to the heterosexual, or female community, but it is primarily homosexual males.  Most of the definition are from Wikipedia, and they try to portray women equally with men – there are lesbians – don’t forget:

Coprophilia   Major health hazard

Water Sports

Fisting Graphically Defined And Displayed On Widipedia

Rimming has a clinical name as well – Anilingus

Felching is possibly the most disgusting of all of the activities

Sadomasochism also from Wikipedia


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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