“To Err Is Human; To Forgive Is Divine!”

Alexander Pope Poet To Err is Human

18th Century British Poet Alexander Pope

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.”  Alexander Pope was making a sage observation which would comport well with a general perspective from Scripture.  Let’s parse this phrase just a little.  We know from Scripture that all men are sinners (erring in the way of God’s law).  Nobody, save a few of the most hardened leftists, would deny the truth of man being less than perfect.  God exhorts (commands) “…be perfect as I am…”  Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world (not all sinners as Paul declares in his doctrine of election), and in so doing, provided our justification before God.  Our justification amounts to “Divine” forgiveness of our sins, and therefore providing us with eternal life in Heaven with our LORD.

So, forgiveness is Divine, and God commands us in Luke 18:15-17 if our “brother” (a fellow Christian) sins against us and “repents”, then forgive him (that’s divinely inspired forgiveness – not “inspired” itself).  If he does not “repent”, then it becomes a matter of severity of the offense and the conscience of the potential forgiver as to how to go about dealing with the situation and could lead to excommunication from church (the body of Christ), shunning (isolation), rebuke, restitution, or forgiveness with no repentance (“love covers a multitude of sins”).  But, what about forgiving a non-brother (unbeliever) if he sins against you?  Now a real conundrum presents itself to the believer.  Christians, the church, and church government have no authority over unbelievers throughout most of the world.  The United States is the one true exception because our Constitution is based upon Presbyterian/Congregationalist interpretations of Scripture and it’s proper Biblical application to civil government.

For example, in America, we have an appellate court system in the event that an improper or unjust decision is made in a lower court.  At one point, and to a significant extent still, Americans enjoy the benefits of private property although it is much infringed upon these days; they also enjoy the right of self-defense, also being infringed upon, and freedom of religious belief and speech – although, again there are infringements upon that, and Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York City has actually threatened to “permanently” shut down churches if they don’t voluntarily stop meeting “temporarily”!  There are many other things that Americans enjoy apart from the rest of the world, and they are derived from Scripture and not chance.

So, when our unbelieving, atheistic, Socialistic, Communistic, Fascistic leaders do things against us, do we forgive them?  Under the stated principles of the Declaration of Independence, and the laws of the Constitution, we have a way to redress our grievances peacefully, honorably and Biblically, and if it cannot be done peacefully, then we have from our founding fathers an exhortation to rebel.  So, within the civil body politic, we have first forgiveness, second, vote out of office or impeach, third the court system, and fourth rebellion.  Within the context of rebellion, we have firstly, speaking out, secondly, non-cooperation, and thirdly armed rebellion which is the absolute last choice, and which a tyrannical (unbelieving government) may force upon the believers in Christ.

It should be duly noted that Christ was not a wimp, and He never denied the relevance and applicability of the Mosaic law (save the ceremonial/sacrificial/dietary laws which were abrogated subsequent to His crucifixion and resurrection).  His highest praise was reserved for a Roman centurion for such faith which Christ had “not seen anywhere in all Israel”.  The Ten Commandments were referred to numerous times by Christ and in the New Testament.  Christ says in Scripture that He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it, and He did so perfectly and without sin – He is our guide and example.  St. Paul succinctly points out man’s sin in general in the book of Romans 3:10-18.


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  1. Johnny Hempseed · · Reply

    Jesus, a man, he did fulfill the law. Hey obeyed the creator’s ten commandments. If Jesus had children, then he didn’t pass the curse of sin onto his family, children, and *his* future generations. But, he obviously did suffer the curse of sin by his Earthly father and lineage as he suffered every sin in the book before and after his death. If you don’t know this is true, you are under the “strong delusion”.

    The Jewish Jesuits perverted the account of Jesus in the New Testament to deceive man into sin, idolatry, theft, murder, war. …what crime hasn’t been committed wrongfully in the name of Jesus?

    The ancient Jews, everything after the Ten Commandments is mans feeble attempt to usurp the commandments. Everything before the commandments is a plagiarism of the Sumerian story. The word, the ten commandments, they are ingrained in every human, you know what’s right and wrong, don’t you.

    Jesus challenged the Jewish money changers, the Jewish rabbis, and the Jewish law makers, and offended the ancient Roman international police state. That’s what got him killed.

    Remember, one of the commandments is to put no other god before him. Therefore, Jesus cannot be the creator.

    Also remember, we are forbidden to cast idols…flags, stars and stripes, logos, yet…the Jewish money changers and their Roman “church” have deceived man into sin with sigil money, sigil logos, sigil flags, the cross, the hexagram, and then with outright lies and deceptions.

    Wakey wakey! Shun the snakey.


    1. Sorry for a slow response; somehow, I missed this reply. I perceive that you have mixed perspectives which include a lot of truth, but some questionable thinking as well. I have no idea what your theological and doctrinal positions are, but if intellectual honesty is of interest to you, then you can look into the second most important book, after the Bible, the Westminster Confession of Faith with its accompanying catechisms, and be, as Priscilla and Aquila said in the book of Acts, “more knowledgeable”.. Here is a free link https://opc.org/confessions.html


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