A Valid Comment & Question About Coronavirus?

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To Question Is Good – Not To Question Is Dangerous!

As long as you stay in small groups (10 or less), you can’t cause the government any trouble, and churches can’t grow or function.  If groups of ten are so safe and necessary, then shouldn’t Congress, the White House, the military, the police, the National Guard all do the same thing?  What about restaurant to go orders and food production facilities – how is it they present no danger?  Below this writer’s comments (immediately below) are the comments of a former Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg.

Think about the ramifications of the “shut down”!

Small businesses will go bankrupt!

We will become a corporate oligarchy (rule by a wealthy few)!

Poverty will ensue!

Dependency upon the government will be commonplace!

Churches will become impotent and disintegrate!

The state will become the “church” by default!

American social structure will breakdown!

Soldiers will be on street corners everywhere!

Police will rule the streets unrestrained!

Dictatorship for America will be ugly and miserable!

Dissent will be met with violence and death!

Nobody will speak freely!

Everyone will become disconsolate and depressed save Christians, and the wealthiest – maybe!

Kevin Lundberg’s comments:

Every news outlet, blog, post, and commentator is talking about the virus. However, there are a few points for which I have not seen much discussion. I recognize the seriousness of this epidemic and do not want anyone to think I am minimizing the issue, but there are some aspects of this brave new world that need closer examination.

First, the numbers.

Does anyone know how many are infected with the virus?  No. The only data points we really have are how many have died due to COVID-19 and how many have tested positive for the virus. But most people I am aware of who have asked to be tested are told they are not sick enough to warrant a test.

I am not aware of any general population sample testing that could give a reasonable baseline for actual infection rates. This means, similar to a poll, take a random sampling of the general population, test them all and discover how many are actually infected today.

The mortality number, at least in the U.S., is a fairly solid fact as our medical system is big enough and transparent enough to be confident of this figure. For some parts of the world even an accurate count of those who have succumbed to the disease is doubtful.

When it comes to actual infection rates, I am disappointed by how it is being presented in most reports. The raw numbers of positive tests are being used as a direct measurement of the growth of the epidemic. This is significant because as testing becomes more available the number of reported infections will inevitably rise, but it may have no relation to the actual growth of the epidemic, and yet these numbers are driving very big policy decisions.

Further, the mortality rate is drawn from these numbers. The latest numbers I have seen for the U.S. are 18,755 positive tests and 237 deaths. That translates into a current mortality rate of somewhat more than one percent. However, if the true infection rate is ten times those who were tested (which many estimate as a conservative number), the mortality rate would be more like one tenth of one percent, which is about the mortality rate of influenza.

As testing increases expect the number of cases reported to soar, but don’t draw any conclusions about the spread of the disease, as it only means there have been more tests performed.

What about all the mandatory orders?

Many people have asked me if the governor has the authority to issue all of the executive orders we are seeing. The short answer is yes. If he declares an emergency he has broad powers, including to quarantine (I am not sure this power was meant to restrict all citizens and eliminate all gatherings), ban certain sales (including firearms), use and destroy private property, override regulatory laws, direct the use of hospitals and doctors, call out the state national guard and continue the state of emergency (in 30 day increments).

There are specific rules for what constitutes an emergency. In this case it is an “emergency epidemic,” that includes a “novel and highly fatal infectious agent.” I note here that if COVID-19 ultimately exhibits no more mortality rate in Colorado than the common flu, the governor’s ability to continue a state of emergency should be challenged.

Governor Polis has also been a bit fast and lose with his authority, as he can only exercise these extraordinary powers in 30 day increments, yet his most recent executive order extends to April 20, nine days beyond the emergency status he is currently allowed to work within. A more prudent, and more legal approach would be to terminate all orders when the 30 days expire, unless with good cause he renews the emergency status at that time.

I have also heard of local county health officials closing businesses. So far I have not found any authority for local health departments to dictate such rules. In many ways the 50 state governors have more authority than the President in regulating citizen’s affairs in a state of emergency. This is because the U.S. Constitution limits the scope of Federal authority and the Tenth Amendment specifically declares that all other powers are in the control of the states and the people. I commend President Trump for not overstepping his authority in this emergency situation.

I bring all of this up because we are a nation where the rulers are to be limited by the law, rather than the law be limited by the rulers. This not only includes times of emergency, it is most critical that it be followed in times of emergency.


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