What’s The Significance Of The Vote In The Senate To Not Call Witnesses?


There is a conundrum here because the House of Representatives did not do their job.  Envision if you will a court of law.  The prosecutor brings his case before the jury.  The defense brings their case before the jury.  Both call witnesses.  After everything has been presented, then the jury decides innocence or guilt on the charge or charges.  The Impeachment trial has been going on all week, but the outcome has never been in doubt. Bottom line: the articles of impeachment did not meet constitutional standards. There was no “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Further, there were no eyewitnesses, only hearsay evidence, which in a court of law is no evidence at all. Finally, there were never 67 votes to actually convict.

The Senate is the jury, and they take all of the arguments of the House and deliberate innocence or guilt.  The House of course denied, for all intents and purposes, any opportunity for the defense (Trump) to present his case.  In other words, they tried to railroad Trump.  They acted impulsively and rushed the thing through to get a vote to impeach because it was so urgent and Trump was such a threat to the nation and the world.  Once their vote was done, Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) sat on the Articles of Impeachment for a month!  Doesn’t sound all that urgent – does it?

Now, in the Senate, a debate arose over having more witnesses.  The Senate is the jury in this case, and as noted above, all testimony should have been concluded in the House before it ever got to the jury.  The sad part about this is that having called witnesses, the truth of Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s corruption could have been exposed along with all of the lies that Adam Schiff told.  And, wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about Adam’s association with San Francisco’s big money Democratic Party supporter Ed Buck who’s had two people die in his home and one narrowly escaped death under Ed’s sadomasochistic homo-erotica!  Those three would have made excellent witnesses who might have exposed the inner workings of the Deep State!

As it is, those testimonies are off the table.  So, who really benefited from all of this nonsense?  It is the contention of this writer that the Deep State and the Democrats are the real and greatest beneficiaries.  Let’s examine why.  Firstly, bear in mind, the the Deep State corporate bought and paid for media; ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC are all behind the democrats, and they dominate the airwaves with their agendas.  The only hold out, is a somewhat mushy FOX News which has some lefty infiltrators in its midst.  Next, with the D/S media Democrat tag team working together, they have and will continue to muddy the waters for Trump and Republicans as well.  They also are already crying foul over the vote by saying that any acquittal will be invalid because of no witnesses and therefore no fair trial!  Forget the fact that the Democrats in the House had as much time as they wanted to call witnesses, and after calling 17 of which only one had first hand testimony which offered nothing, they stopped, and never called Bolton and others.

The impeachment has been an incredible charade, and it’s very hard to say who will benefit the most.  Next November will tell the story as long as there is no widespread cheating.  In the meantime soon, possibly before, and certainly afterwards, there is likely to be significant discontent on the part of various liberal (I use the term loosely) factions such as ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist), Democrats, Socialists, Communists etc., and that may translate into street action with riots, fire bombs, beatings, anti-white epitaphs ad nauseum.  Hold on to your hat and your wallet for the next several months.  It may be quite a ride.


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