Daily Archives: September 30, 2019

Want To See What Kind Of Financial Shape Your State Is In? Here’s A Listing Of All 50 States & 40 Of The States Are In Real Trouble!!!

  Here’s a PDF File with all of the dirt on 40 corrupt underfunded desperate states!  Here’s the story in a nutshell!  In Colorado, they’re trying to sneak through a 60% tax hike under the proposal titled CC.  We already know that the Federal government is bankrupt, and we know all the too big to […]

Video & Text – Hollywood Now Promoting Murder Of Anyone Who Disagrees With The Politically Correct Establishment!

  In The Shadow Of The Moon IMdB!  This is leftist insanity according to Mike Adams who, himself, has been a victim just for promoting healthy lifestyles that don’t comport with Big Pharma and all of the poisonous toxins they are shoving down everyone’s throats!  When the establishment promotes and endorses murder of those with […]