Daily Archives: September 16, 2019

30 Minute Video – America Is Currently & Has Been Since 2007 In A Depresssion!

  Iconoclastic Financial Insider Jim Rickards Lays It On The Line! Jim Rickard’s Perspective Is An Eye Opener!  Do you know what a “Depression” is?  It’s always interesting to hear what a well informed insider had to say a year ago, and to see how much veracity he had in his observations. SCROLL DOWN Many […]

How Does A Christian Survive In A Postmodern World?

The following are words.  Words have meaning.  An attempt to clearly define and use the following words will be attempted in order to overcome the postmodernist’s (a person who has no objective authority ruling his/her life, which includes an unwillingness to define his/her terms, and/or stick to those definitions through thick and thin, or to […]