How Does A Christian Survive In A Postmodern World?

Post modernism

The following are words.  Words have meaning.  An attempt to clearly define and use the following words will be attempted in order to overcome the postmodernist’s (a person who has no objective authority ruling his/her life, which includes an unwillingness to define his/her terms, and/or stick to those definitions through thick and thin, or to communicate in context, who sees truth as non existent and without absolutes except within their own ideology i.e. “that’s your truth, but not my truth”, and which includes an acceptance of anyone’s life style no matter how destructive – see below paragraph 2 “destroy” – and who has no objection to any ideology except for Christianity, and whose method of achieving his goal is to have one world government, religion and banking system. – see Paragraph 3 below), and therefore has no overarching order in his/her life.

To effectively destroy (ruin, undermine, confound, confuse, upset, tear apart, divide, pulverize, reorder etc.) a culture (way of life, civilization, common understanding among people, moral order, societal order etc.), the most adept strategy (method, operation, vehicle, way etc.) is to destroy (see above) the language (words, definitions, communications, understandings,  social agreements/contracts etc.).  This assault on the English language and the American culture (see above in this paragraph) started at the founding of America, but began its steady and vicious assault in the early 1900’s and has continued relentlessly ever since.  The destruction (see destroy above in this paragraph) has escalated from a snail’s pace to a rapid logarithmic pace by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years.

As an example, place yourself in 1990.  In 1990, not only were homosexuals not marrying each other in a legal sense of the word, but the legalization of marijuana was (pardon the expression) a pipe dream, major American cities did not have a problem with rats, typhus, plague and rampant homelessness, Socialists, unlike now, were still in the closet and Democrats disassociated themselves, and that’s just four dramatic changes since 1990 – the advanced stage of the millennial generation.  Look at the millennial generation’s life style – living in their parent’s basement, flipping burgers, paying unaffordable and egregious student loans, glued to a handheld device that produces nothing edifying or fruitful in their lives.  Can you say “dead end”?

What is specifically necessary to establish a “postmodern” world?  At its most fundamental aspect, it is necessary to destroy (see above 2nd paragraph) historical Christianity (collective church/individual belief in the Bible which is the Hebrew Tanakh Old Testament and Greek/Aramaic New Testament based upon high quality accurate, sincere, scholarly hermeneutic interpretation reviewed by numerous scholars and with near unanimous agreement if not unanimous).  The Christian (see above in this paragraph) sees the God of the Bible (see above in this paragraph) as a God of order (in contrast to the below description of the post modernist’s world view), and so he/she wants to participate fully and effectively in that said Godly order.

Contrary (not the same as, in opposition etc.) to the post modernist’s viewpoint (subject to feelings, emotions, vacillations, inconsistencies, hypocrisies, non substantiation, disparate etc.), America’s culture (see above Image result for paragraph symbol 2) was dominated by Christianity (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above) well into the 20th century.  Examples would include the Biblical (see above Image result for paragraph symbol 3) proscriptions against dishonest weights and measures (fiat money), homosexuality, divorce, adultery, fornication, lying, cheating, murder, rape, destruction of the family, abortion, blasphemy, bearing false witness, gun control – eliminating self-defense against their domination, coveting, immodest dress, profanity, pornography, public intoxication, recreational drug use, public violence such as Antifa, conducting business on the Sabbath (Sundays – “Blue Laws” were in place until after WW II) corrupting the church, distortion of Biblical teaching etc. all of which are now embraced to varying degrees by the post modernist today and which is the tangible fruit of post modernism as a whole.  As one can easily see when the big picture is employed, it is a very ugly thing indeed!

Christianity (see Image result for paragraph symbol 3 above), adheres to the objective authority of the Bible (see Image result for paragraph symbol 3 above) which means that the God defined in the Bible (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above) is the spiritually “adoptive” Father of each and every Christian (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above), and therefore, the Christian (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above) is obedient to that same God within a proper Biblical (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above) context (meaning of words and thoughts as intended by the speaker/writer in its whole and not in its part to include the complete thought and properly applied.)

Now, we have a fairly clear understanding of the impossibly irrational, unreasonable and inconsistent post modernist (see  contrasted along side of the rational and reasonable Christian (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above) and not to be confused with fake Christians who do not meet the (Image result for paragraph symbol3 above criteria).  It should be abundantly clear, by the efforts to define words to hold the post modernist in context (see above paragraph) and within bounds, that there will be no reconciliation (peace and cooperation) between Christians and post modernists (see Image result for paragraph symbol 1).  The post modernist (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) is absolutely (the only absolute in their lexicon apart from the fact that there are no absolutes) bound and determined to eradicate Christianity – even if that means mass murder or incarceration and enslavement.  The post modernist will accomplish his/her objectives through the use of an anti-Christian government such as the Congress and more importantly the United Nations and its instituted laws.

The Christian will not easily submit to that.  Therefore, we in America are assured of constant conflict and dissent on the part of both sides of the issue.  With the post modernist’s (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) are the lock step henchmen known as Antifa, and those who oppose his/her (the post modernist’s) warm fuzzy feelings will be beaten into submission or even murdered.  The post modernist (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) would object to this treatment for themselves, but it is quite acceptable to them to be applied to their opposition and most specifically to Christians and conservatives who promote and adhere to the Constitution and/or republican (small r) principles.

Of course, no post modernist (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) is a purist who adheres to the complete definition of post modernists in this essay.  It would be impossible for somebody to even try to live with that much hypocrisy and evil – they would definitely go off of the deep end and lose it completely and likely have no friends, family or even associations.  Nonetheless, the post modernist (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above)  adheres to much of what is discussed here, and at the foundation or every post modernist (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) is a narcissistic self identifying world view that makes exceptions for him/herself while holding everyone else to a higher standard – their own non standard fluctuates radically, and therefore promotes hypocrisy, inconsistency, and instability.  Post modernists (Image result for paragraph symbol1 above) would include Fascists, Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Monopoly Capitalists, the United Nations, the largest tax exempt foundations, Satanists, Fake Christians, Central bankers, Hedonists, Anarchists, Antifa, BAMN, the CFR, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, the Aspen Institute, the Committee of 300, World Federalists  and likely a few other categories and groups of which this writer has not yet thought.

The forces arrayed against Christians and Christianity are numerous, powerful and permeate all of society throughout the world.  So, to answer the question of how does a Christian survive in all of this nonsense and violent assaults on the foundations of belief in the God of the Bible and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ?  The following are prerequisites:

1.)     Have a good and thorough knowledge of Scripture.

2.)     Make sure your knowledge conforms to Scripture – good hermeneutics.

3.)     Develop good apologetics (ability to defend what you believe)

4.)     Set as exemplary a life as you can so as to not draw criticism from the skeptical post modernists who will pounce on your every inconsistency and misbehavior.

5.)     Pray intelligently, fervently, specifically and within Biblical context and instruction.

6.)     Go to a good Biblical, Reformed, scholarly, committed church and support it with  consistent tithing and offerings as well as your helping in any way possible.

7.)     Proclaim the Gospel boldly in all settings where you can get away with it.  Dust off your shoes otherwise and move on.

8.)     Hold your leaders accountable to God’s laws and precepts as articulated by Christ and taught in the Old Testament – minus the sacrificial and ceremonial laws which pointed to Christ’s coming, and are no longer necessary as Christ’s work on the cross is now completed and always will be sufficient for salvation.

9.)     Speak the truth publicly; both secular and Biblical.  Always remember to keep things in context.

10.)  Know your enemy!  (sometimes he, Satan, masquerades as an angel of light in the church)


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