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Video – $9.6 Billion Buys Lots Of Propaganda – Big Pharma Out To Get You! Ben Swann Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. About Vaccines!

Big Pharma Spends $9.6 Billion Propagandizing You & Coercing You!   Ben Swann interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccine safety and efficacy, and California’s forced vaccinations and the possibility that adults will be included and that this nonsense will become a national edict! Watch Videos of Neil Z. Miller Discussing Vaccines   Lecture and interview topics […]

Two Political Strategies That The Man In The Street Doesn’t Understand! Too Bad!

  #1 is controlled opposition #2 is false opposition There’s only a subtle difference between the two.  # 1 is opposition that is bought and paid for.  It could be a fake Republican, or a fake Democrat taking positions they are told to take in order to push an agenda that is being controlled behind […]