Measles Outbreak – Time To Engage Your Brain, But I’ll Help A Little.


Washington State Measles Outbreak.  This article states that one vaccination is 93% effective, and two vaccinations are 97% effective.  The articles states that 50 people got the measles, and 43 of them were not vaccinated.  By implication, the other 7 were vaccinated, although that is not mentioned.  Now, let’s do some simple math.  Let’s double 50 to 100 and 7 to 14 so we can have an easy ratio for figuring our percentage.  100 – 14 = 86% effective, and not 93% effective.  We’ll give the benefit of the doubt that 14% who got the measles after being vaccinated (immunized) only had 1, and not 2 vaccinations.  If they had had 2 vaccinations, the disparity based upon statistics given would be 11% ineffective instead of 7%.

Based upon either of those disparities, the vaccination idea still holds up pretty well.  But wait!  How many people did this “0” person come in contact with overall?  What if he came in contact with (let’s be fair) 100 people?  In other words, he is declared to have infected 50, so let’s say it’s reasonable that he did not have a 100% impact.  In other words, he didn’t come into contact with only people whom he infected.  Now, the percentages take on a whole new perspective.  On this assumption which is totally speculation as he might have come into contact with 60 people, or 160 people, or more.  We’re just taking a reasonable assumption here.

Based upon that reasonable assumption, the “0” person infected 43 people out of 100, or 43% of all those with whom he came in contact.  Assuming the same ratio of people who were unvaccinated existed within the 100 people with whom he came in contact, then there were another 7 who were vaccinated.  With that in mind, we now have a slightly different perspective on the story.  “0” person with measles from out of the country came to the U.S. (Washington state) and was in contact with 100 people 50 or 50% of whom got the measles from him, and 50 did not, out of whom 14 or 14% were vaccinated.  We now see that 36% had immune systems that were sufficient to withstand the measles, and 14% who had been vaccinated got the measles anyway.  The bottom line take away is that this contagious person affected only half of the people with whom he came in contact.

The speculation of how many people with whom he came in contact is just that – speculation.  He could have come in contact with hundreds or thousands even.  It is unrealistic that the only people with whom he came in contact all got the measles, and there was not another person with whom he came in contact.  That scenario is so unlikely, that it would have to generate guffaws from any reasonable person.

If we consider that he may have come in contact with 1000 people (rubbing shoulders on a bus or train, or in a grocery store or at a movie theater?  This is all very possible, and if we take 1000 people with whom he was in contact, then only 43 or 4.3% contracted measles of whom .6% were vaccinated before being exposed.  For that, the criminal pharmaceutical industry with their massive subsidization of the corporate media through advertising dollars, and their massive bribery of politicians through campaign contributions leaves one to wonder if we are getting the straight story or if it’s all a bunch of propaganda hooey?  Our government and the media would not dare to strike terror in the hearts of Americans needlessly – would they?

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Russia, Las Vegas and on and on and on ad infinitum until you submit!!!!

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