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Questions You Must Answer!

  Does the fact that someone is wealthy, holds an elected office, is prominent in the community, has had degrees conferred upon them, holds a fiduciary position, or has a position of trust and/or authority, allow for them to do something that is wrong?  If so, then should not any and everyone who chooses to […]

17 Minute Video Interview In 1983 With U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald On PBS Crossfire Show; Trying To Expose The “Deep State” & Getting Flack From The Corporate Media Hacks.

1985 Attempt To Expose The Deep State!  This video documents, and should be a wake up call to all Americans, that for the last 36 years, this kind of treasonous “Deep State” agenda by our leaders and the puppet masters behind the scenes have continued to march forward toward one world government, and the same […]