Daily Archives: February 7, 2019

Diversity Indoctrination At The “Private” University Of Denver – An Open Invitation To The Students & Faculty. My Response To Them Included.

Please note the first letter is as it came from the people at the University of Denver.  Following that is the same letter with Pensiamento’s comments inserted in the body of the text.  And, to you impoverished (or too rich for your own good) parents of these poor indoctrinated students, WAKE UP!!!! Dear friends, Join […]

1 Hour Video – The Deep State Defined

  The Deep State Defined!   Are you blind to it?  Have you been victimized by it?  Can you do anything about it?  Should anything be done about it?  The video is a year old, and somethings that’s good, so you can see how the same strategy is being used a year later to deceive Americans […]

More Hard Questions – Your Feedback Encouraged & Welcome.

  The following questions are all “Why?”  We have the scientific knowledge as to what happens, and how it happens, but we do not know “Why” it happens, or we do not want to admit “why”. Why do seeds germinate? Why do we have gravity? Why do we have emotions? Why do all living creatures […]

The Ugly American & The Nature Of People & Governments – Hard Questions Most Cannot Answer & Food For Thought!

  What do you think/believe (“feel” for the effeminate) about someone or some entity that says one thing and does another?   What do you think of those who make a promise (treaty) and break it?  What do you think of those who murder, lie, cheat and steal?  Is all of that o.k.?  Is any of […]