4 Minute Video – Store Clerk Goes Literally Berserk & Refuses To Serve Paying Customer Who Is Wearing A Trump T-Shirt & Even Assaults The Customer On Video. This Melt Down Is Stunning.


Store Clerk Goes Berserk Over Trump T-Shirt!   Hey, do you think this guy would bake a cake for a pervert wanting perverted wording on the cake?  The double standard of the left should be a warning sign of tyranny when they hold power!  This melt down of the clerk would lead any sane person to believe he is demonically possessed.

To quote from a Bob Dylan song; “The first one now will later be last”.  Complete lyrics here – how prophetic was he as a writer and poet? Yes, THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING!

Reportedly, he’s lost his job, and if that’s so, you can imagine how much he’s seething now, and wallowing in self-pity comforted by the likes of George Soros and his fellow Antifa buddies.

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