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Two years ago Pensiamento Peligroso started this BLOG.  As the Chinese say; “The longest journey begins with but a single step.”  With the advent of 2019, it begins the third calendar year step.  What’s happened in the last two years, and what is to come?  Go to the “Search This Box” above the categories list on the right, and enter any word of interest, and you will get an instant result on that subject so you can see what happened (albeit some videos have been deleted by the tech thugs of You Tube etc.).  There are over 1500 posts on this BLOG!

There are many opinions of what the future will bring, and you can find many of them linked on the right below the categories list.  These are the people (not all inclusive) who substantially influence this BLOG.  Pensiamento reviews hundreds of stories every week and distills them into that which is not redundant, nor tedious hopefully, so that you the subscriber who has to work for a living can be kept up to date with a manageable amount of information to absorb within the time frame available to you.  Subscribe “Follow” for free, and there is no advertising!

In Pensiamento’s estimate, America, and therefore Americans, are entering a very dark period in history – darker possibly than what is referred to as the “Dark Ages”.  What will this dark period look like?  To be sure, there will be deceptions galore, lies by people of influence and in power who will deceive all they can and more so than ever before.  Additionally, those people will begin to openly and blatantly display their immorality, arrogance and hostility toward the “little man” – those of us who wield no power nor possess any great wealth.  We only possess numbers over them, and they seek to reduce those numbers.

How will they reduce those numbers?  One of the most common ways is through war, but it requires the acquiescence of the “little man” to accomplish that, and the “little man” is beginning to wake up to that scam.  What other tools do these people whom we will call “E” for establishment have at their disposal?  Rest assured they are deep and broad, and here are key strategies:

1.)  Propaganda which will be used twofold – one, to achieve acquiescence and two, compliance.  Propaganda surrounds us constantly in the form of commercial advertisements, fake news and real news with a politically correct spin on it from ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, ad infinitum, search engines, Hollywood movies, video games, books, newspapers, BLOGS, social media etc.  Those are the most blatant and obvious, but the government has a much more subtle and insidious tool at their disposal – they control 90% + of all education (indoctrination), and so they shape and mold the philosophy, morals, goals, character (or lack there of), and “values” of the young (starting at age 4 -5) and supple minds who absorb everything.  Note, “values” have supplanted virtues.  “Values” are subject to fluidity – frequent and vaguely defined changes.  Virtues are eternal – endure forever and are what provide the cohesive glue to hold any society and culture together.

The objective of the propaganda will be as follows:

a.)   Undermine and ultimately destroy Biblical Christianity and the culture into which it has developed in America and the Constitution which is the last bulwark.

b.)   Supplant the Christian culture with a statist culture within which the politically correct motif which will include hedonism, materialism, statism and most importantly ignorance of anything of which the state and “E” object.  The Constitution is considered outdated and anachronistic.  It needs to be rewritten, and the push for a “Constitutional Convention” for that purpose is on the drawing board and being pushed hard.  Bottom line, they want total power over every life on the planet.

2.)   Drugs which will be used on a multi-fold basis.  First and foremost, drugs will enrich, beyond the wildest dreams of anyone, the corporations that produce them.  Drugs will be billed as a panacea for anything and everything.  They will fall into three categories; firstly for life saving purposes, secondly for preventative purposes, and thirdly for recreational purposes.  Recreational drug use has become legalized to a significant extent, and it’s only a matter of time before all recreational drugs are either legalized or tolerated at the least.  Within this context, drugs will be used to destroy people and lives and thereby enhancing the medical industrial complex’s power and wealth – at least for a time.  It is well known by people who read this BLOG that there is a movement afoot on the part of “E” to reduce the population from its current 7.7 billion to about 1/2 billion.

Drugs are being used for this purpose already.  Multi-billionaire/philanthropist Bill Gates has been criticized for his big push on vaccines in third word nations like India and the nations of Africa.  The vaccines he’s pushing for the pharmaceutical industry have been determined to have the capability of sterilizing women so they can no longer have children.  Additionally, everyone is aware of the rapid increase in suicides in America due to depression.  Not only that, but many of these people who are on psychotropic drugs, before they kill themselves, they commit mass shootings/murder.

Then, there are all of the opioid problems foisted upon America by the medical industrial complex which is causing a large increase in overdose deaths – enough to actually lower the average life expectancy of Americans!  Of course along with opioid addiction comes criminal activity such as murder, gang warfare, robberies, burglaries etc.  How many Americans know that U.S. soldiers for years, and right now even, are involved in guarding the poppy fields of Afghanistan so we can have unlimited opioids?  Do you wonder why America fought the Taliban?  The Taliban destroyed the poppy fields and stopped the trade which is so profitable for “E”.  Read The Committee of 300 for more details.  Opioids also make for a much more subdued and compliant society.

3.)   Money for which you might say “What?”  Money is all pervasive in a society.  You cannot function effectively without it.  It has a history of at least 5000 + years when Abraham paid silver to the sons of Heth in order to buy a grave site for his wife Sarah, and ultimately for himself.  Money is the most effective, immediate, influential, and recognizable medium of exchange on the planet.  (For more on money go to the “Search This Site box in the right column above the categories list and enter the word money).  There you will find a whole school of thought and history on money and how it is used, abused and defined.

Our government, as well as many others – especially in western society, use money to enslave and placate people with welfare, food, housing, and the necessities of life without working for them.  On the flip side of the coin, in the form of taxation, they pay for all of this through debt (bonds/borrowing) which is slavery and taxation which is plunder.  Through the central banking system (U.S. Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund – IMF, The World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements – BIS, they are able to enrich and impoverish people and nations at will.  (Go to “Search” box and enter the words, bank/banking, Federal Reserve etc. for more understanding).

4.)   Political alliances and illegal immigration which are successful in merging cultures, and as a result, diluting Christianity and western civilization in favor of an amorphous, androgynous amalgam of non-discernable and disorganized beliefs which can then subsequently be molded into the “New Man” as Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto outlined it to be.  Examples are the United Nations, Secret and semi-secret societies, international trade agreements and treaties, the E.U., NAU, SEATO, NATO etc.  The above four are the most potent strategies toward world domination, but not the only ones.  (Go to “Search box and enter words; CFR, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, world government etc. for more understanding).  Engage your brain, and look under the covers, and behind the curtain to see who is pulling the stings and always question authority – unless it is God Himself, and then you can seek answers in His word where with diligent, intellectually honest inquiry, you will be edified regarding the answers to your questions.

May you find this BLOG informative and helpful that you may suffer as little as possible, and prosper as much as possible.

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