What Are The Signs Of The Decline Of A Society/Nation? The Three T’s!



The three T’s are Truth, Trust & Tyranny.  Let’s take them in order.  Truth is self-existent although people’s interpretation of truth is not, and therefore they disagree on it.  Nonetheless, there must be at least a broad understanding and agreement of what truth is in order for a society to function.  An example would be buying a pound of hamburger at the butcher shop;  if one shop thinks that 12 oz. is a pound and another thinks 16 oz. is a pound, and both are selling the hamburger at $5 a pound, with which butcher shop are you going to do business?  That’s a no brainer.  A pound must be a pound (16 oz.) at all times for all people within the economic system where they are living and functioning.  In Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian is a solid gold ruler that is exactly 1 foot long.  It never changes (shrinks or swells), and it provides society with a standard.

If it is not a pound, or a foot, then there is no Trust.  At that point, everyone must bring their own scale or ruler to do their business, and weigh or measure to see if they are in agreement.  As it stands right now, there are government inspectors who test measuring equipment on a regular basis to make sure you are getting 1 gallon, 1 pound, 1 foot etc.  If that type of truth, which is self-existing and objective breaks down, then trust breaks down.  If trust breaks down, then the authorities (government agents) must enforce order and suppress the chaos that follows.

Imagine going to that butcher shop and waiting in line behind a few people wanting to do business, and they are (each one) arguing about the amount they are getting with the amount they are paying.  A typical 5 minute wait to transact business could end up taking an hour or more.  That would slow down everything, and in so doing would end up creating a decline in society’s functional economy.

Talking about “what your paying”, let’s look at the dollar.


Now you are confronted with not being able to trust your money!  Wow, now we can’t trust our money or our measurements!  Believe it or not, these kinds of things anger people, and as a result you get fights, riots and demagogic politicians taking advantage of it all.  The result is a clamp down on the disorderly rioters in society.  Clamp downs can vary in intensity, scope  and breadth.  It generally turns into a police state which is the third “T” – tyranny!

When the government is preoccupied with suppressing, repressing or oppressing the people, then other things go by the wayside.  Generally in a situation like this, government revenues decline which require printing more money and thereby devaluing the purchasing power impoverishing all but the most well connected in the society.  Examine Venezuela which is expected to reach 10 million % inflation in 2019.  This just exacerbates things, and it becomes a declining vicious cycle.  At this point, there comes a shortage of supplies and necessities like food, potable water, quality medical care, medicines etc.

At this stage, nobody trusts anybody.    The politicians have to lie through their teeth to keep their positions.  Corporations lie through their teeth by maintaining a posture of preserving quality and service while undermining them both to compensate for increased costs.  The first thing to go when there is inflation is quality.

So, here we are with the truth destroyed by lies and inflation, trust is completely eroded because of this, and tyranny must prevail as government has to preserve itself as long as it can.  Some early signs of decline are; a decline in the roads, increase in crime, reduced quality of products and services, increase in propaganda etc.  That is followed by that which is mentioned above, plus likely political assassinations and war.  War is a unifying vehicle to take people’s eyes off of their most immediate problems.

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