The Federal Reserve & The Bible – Proverbs 20:10 Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD.


The following is a brief story of a lesson given to my three children.  I was not a Christian at the time, so this lesson was secular.  The goal was to teach them about inflation. Inflation is the increase of the money supply and credit.  Put before my children was a Snickers candy bar.  They were told they could bid on it, and the high bidder would get the candy bar.

Each child was given a dime; ten cents (the price of candy bars back in the 70’s when this lesson was given).  The first round of bidding set the price of the candy bar at a dime. Then a second round was conducted, but this time each child was given a second dime and told that this was inflation.  The second round of bidding escalated the price of the candy bar to twenty cents even though the candy bar didn’t get any bigger or better.

Now it was time for a third round of bidding, and this time one of my children was taxed (had stolen from him) a dime, and that same dime was given to one of the other children with the condition that they promised to vote into office the provider of that dime.  The third round of bidding drove the price of the candy bar up to thirty cents (3 dimes), and only one of the children could afford it.

The last sleight of hand was the most clever.  The child who had been taxed a dime was given credit for three dimes or thiry cents giving that child a total of forty cents to bid with.  A fourth round of bidding upped the price of the candy bar to forty cents (four dimes) against the child with three ( or two) dimes, and still only one of the children could afford it. So in a few short minutes, the candy bar went from ten cents (one dime) to forty cents without it getting any bigger or better.  What is the price of a candy bar today – $1.00 , or more?  This is what the Federal Reserve has been doing to Americans for over 100 years, and Americans cannot seem to be able to figure it out – including Christians.  I have since become a Christian – with no apologies.

Now the American people are hopelessly in debt, prices are through the roof, and it’s all an abomination to the Lord.  It creates greed, envy and discontentment among the people of America, and the run to the politicians (this is all part of the Federal Reserve’s plan) to redistribute wealth and give them handouts.  The other side of the coin is deflation which is pulling money out of circulation and tightening credit by increasing interest rates and loan requirements.  That is what the Federal Reserve is doing now.  They go back and forth with this game time and time again.

During inflation, people work hard and produce wealth.  Then the deflation hits, and people’s debts become unserviceable, and they lose all through bankruptcy.  At that time, the rich manipulators buy up everything they can for five or ten cents on the dollar.  Study your history, and you will see this is true.  Inflation is theft, and deflation is theft.  The bankers play on the weaknesses of man.  Can you see the need for a good Biblical understanding and application of God’s laws and precepts?  If not, you are woefully blind and ignorant.

The above lesson was learned very clearly and unequivocally by the founders of America.  Nobody can print gold or silver, although they do print paper futures contracts which manipulate the price of gold and silver, but never the value.  That is why the only money is gold and silver in the Constitution.   An ounce of gold or silver is always an ounce of gold or silver.  Read the Constitution and weep!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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