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7 Minute Video – Fascinating Photography Of That Which The Naked Eye Cannot See

  Video coverage of that which is too slow, fast, large or small for the human eye to perceive on its own.  See the link below and be amazed, and also be amazed that it is God’s creation – not man’s: Video Of The Unseen – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees […]

Look At This Official Survey Of Winners & Losers In The Television Viewer Ratings! CNN Is Way Down At The Bottom, And Yet They Make Themselves So Big – B.S.!!!

  IndieWire shows the winners and losers in the media war for your attention.  Look at CNN, among the majors, near the bottom.  This is a victory for truth, reality and the American way!!! TOTAL VIEWER RANK NETWORK 2016 VIEWERS 2015 VIEWERS % CHANGE 1 CBS 8,814,000 9,421,000 -6% 2 NBC 8,426,000 7,801,000 8% 3 ABC […]

National Public Radio Accuses French President Macron – Macron Declares Himself A Roman God – Jupiter! It’s Getting Pretty Spooky Around The World.

  This Rothschild New World Order Stooge has foisted Marshall Law on France so that the French people cannot break free from the tyrannical central banking thugs who want to enslave and murder them.  You can Google multiple stories on this including You Tube videos.  The link is NPR (National Public Radio) because it’s government […]

13 Minute Video – The Power Of Prayer!

The Power Of Prayer

Here’s How You Can Tell “Fake” News!

  Fake News: Pushes world government    &    Opposes National government Pushes Socialism                     &    Opposes Free Enterprise Pushes Big Government        &     Opposes individual liberty Pushes lesser of two evils      &     Opposes variety of choices […]

30 Minute Video – Former Government Investigator Exposes The Fraud Explanation Of The World Trade Center’s Collapse – It Was Controlled Demolition!!!

  Why would the World Trade Centers be collapsed intentionally?  It was to cover up lots of criminal activity that was under investigation for one, and for two, it allowed for the Federal government to tighten the screws on the people of America and their freedom to privacy and travel.  Do you smell a sleazy […]

Sweden Ain’t The Garden Of Eden!

  Standing at the gate, and you just couldn’t wait The promises of free sex, love, and life without limits Sounded too good to be true so don’t be late, But, when you get there, you’ll be having fits! You see the promised Garden of Eden Is no longer, because it’s been abused You know, […]

Muslim Thug Sprays His Feces & Urine On Grocery Store Produce – Hey Why Not?

  Nine years in jail?  How about executing him or at least deporting him?  Why spend taxpayer dollars on this clown?  See link below: Muslim Thug Taints Food – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

9 Minute Video – James Corbett Exposes CNN’s Childish & Criminal Behavior!!!

  It’s the attack of the Memes!  CNN is a victim – boo, hoo, hoo! CNN Guilty Of State & Federal Crimes – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!