Here’s How You Can Tell “Fake” News!


Fake News:

Pushes world government    &    Opposes National government

Pushes Socialism                     &    Opposes Free Enterprise

Pushes Big Government        &     Opposes individual liberty

Pushes lesser of two evils      &     Opposes variety of choices and good sense.

Pushes debt                              &      Opposes saving

Pushes Gun Control                &      Opposes right to individual self defense

Pushes War                               &      Opposes peace while pretending it’s good

Pushes/encourages anarchy  &      Opposes orderly society

Pushes government care        &      Opposes individual responsibility

Pushes racism                           &      Opposes harmonious society

Pushes government agenda   &      Opposes efforts to expose the truth by mocking others

Pushes thinking for you          &      Opposes thinking for yourself.

Pushes perversion                    &      Opposes high standards of morality

Pushes & glorifies evil             &       Opposes Christianity and mocks it.

Pushes Israel                             &        Opposes criticism of Israel

Pushes welfare                         &        Opposes individual financial responsibility

Pushes national education     &       Opposes local and/or home schooling

Got the picture yet?


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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