Coming To America To Vote Democrat!


Who’s financing and organizing this hostile invasion of America?  Guatemala’s President is quoted in their largest newspaper as saying at least 100 ISIS members are included in the caravan!  What’s the big attraction?  How about free money (welfare), free medical care, free, housing, free education, free food (SNAP) etc.  It smells suspiciously of George Soros and Hillary Clinton.  Where are these people getting their food and water on the way here?  Who organized them?  The Democrats certainly need more voters.  Is there a limit to how many immigrants America can absorb without creating chaos, and destroying the American culture?  Do Americans have a right to a nation and a culture?  What will happen to crime, safety, infrastructure, support systems (safety nets) etc.?  What will happen to our health care system?  How about the spread of once eradicated diseases like small pox and polio, and what about new diseases like chagas?  Wake up America before it’s too late.  Actually, it may already be too late in which case, go back to sleep and wake later to disaster.

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