Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Only 1/1024th American Indian – Not Sure It’s Cherokee Even. Cherokees Denounce Her & Disown Her. Her New Name Is…..


Actually, (Boston Herald runs the story) her new names are; Lieawatha,  FauxCahantis or Fakeajawea.  Take your pick!  Democrats love to lie, lie, lie.  Remember, she’s a U.S. Senator because she did the bidding of the Federal Reserve when she was appointed to oversee the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds, and when queried by the U.S. Congress, she had no idea where they went.  Fed Chair Ben Bernanke just told the U.S. Congress to go pound sand – he wasn’t saying anything.  When you learn to lie, lie, lie and cover up, and deceive, and cheat and steal, then you are qualified to become a Democratic candidate for high office.

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