“Feelings” – Questions & Answers


Do you feel the way I do?

Do I feel the way you do?

How do you express feelings?

How do you validate feelings?

How do you verify feelings?

How do you justify feelings?

How do you prioritize feelings?

When do feelings take precedence over truth?

When do feelings supersede truth?

When do feelings invalidate truth?

Truth always supersedes feelings!

When do feelings matter?

Feelings matter when they’re yours!

When do your feelings matter more than someone else’s?

Your feelings never matter more than someone else’s!

How do you resolve differences in feelings?

You resolve differences with objectivity!

Feelings are subjective – they’re yours!

Law is objective – they’re society’s

Where does law come from?

If feelings, then it is unjust and unequal.

If objective, then it is just and equal.

Where does objective law come from?

It comes from society, or the Bible.

If it comes from society, then it can be based upon feelings.

If it comes from the Bible, then is is objective because it comes from God!

God shows no partiality, where people do show partiality.

Do you want to be ruled by subjective feelings, or objective laws?

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