Are All Religions On An Equal Footing In America? Be Careful Of Theological & Doctrinal Equivocations!


The following is a response to a Blogger:

The statement “…all religions are on an equal footing…” is not a well thought out statement.  Child sacrifice is not on an equal footing, and pot smoking Rastafarians were not on an equal footing until very recently, and in general, any religion that is contrary to the laws of the land (so far, polygamy, child marriage, an Islamic teaching etc.) are not on an equal footing.  Do some research, and you will find that the foundation of our laws and morality in America are both Biblical and Christian, and they come primarily from Calvinism, Presbyterianism and Congregationalism as they were originally understood (not perverted as they are today).  If you investigate sufficiently, you will find the following concepts are not necessarily accorded to most of the world, or at least not without serious restrictions and/or qualifications and allowances for one political class of society over another.  The following is a very short list of those benefits accorded to a Christian society to include all non-Christians who are citizens of the same society:

1.)   Private Property  (If you have a car or home paid for, you can’t keep it unless you pay state fees)

2.)   An appellate court system.  (This is starting to fade, and especially under the Patriot Act)

3.)   Monogamous marriage.  (This is under threat)

4.)   Adoption  (Homosexuals can now adopt and bugger and indoctrinate little children)

5.)   Self Defense  (Attacks on 2nd Amendment, and current restrictions have severely impaired this)

6.)   The right to be judged by a jury of your peers.  (The Patriot Act has undermined this)

7.)   The right to be confronted in a court of law by your accuser.  (Patriot Act has undermined this)

8.)   Habeas Corpus  (Guantanamo is one example, and the Patriot Act has undermined this)

9.)   Heterosexuality  (Homosexuals politically preferred make heterosexuals appear to be weak and abnormal)

10.) Protection of under age children.  (Strong forces lobby for pedophilia & pedophiles hold high office )

11.) Laws against incest.  (There are African tribal cultures where the father of a girl takes her virginity)

12.) Laws against polygamy and bigamy.  (In Mormon circles as well as Islam, polygamy is o.k.)

13.) Representative government.  (Rigged elections, something we both detest, are dominant)

14.) Laws against public nudity.  (Nude beaches & gay pride day parades with nudity and erotica)

15.) Laws against drunkenness.  (Rarely enforced unless someone is causing significant problems)

16.) Laws against recreational drug use. (In Scripture it is associated with witchcraft)

17.) Laws against rape.  (Sweden is learning how Islam accepts & endorses rape of blonde haired Swedish girls)

18.) Laws against stealing. (There are African tribal cultures where stealing is respected and accepted)

19.) Laws against adultery.  (Sexual mores are down the tubes in U.S., bastard children & divorce is up)

20.) Laws against coveting.  (Socialist laws are rampant which is legalizing coveting and subsequent stealing)

21.) Honest money – just weights & measures  (Fiat currency – inflation/deflation)

Psalm 2 clearly declares there is a conspiracy by “nations” (governments – organized men) against God and His Anointed (Jesus Christ).  Sadly, Christians have very weak teaching if not outright anti-Christ teaching because those of the conspiring nations have undermined; first the seminaries, and secondly the churches, and thirdly the society in general through corrupting of the government and laws.  How often is Biblical law even discussed publicly today let alone defended?  Not even in most churches which are  mostly weak and worthless.

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