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My Letter To UCLA Islamic Professor Mohammed Abed Who Wants To Kill White Racists – Whoever That May Be?

Dear Professor Abed, Could you clear up a matter for me please.  Mohammed is the greatest prophet of all.  According to Mohammed, a prophet cannot lie.  Mohammed acknowledges Issa (Jesus Christ) as a prophet.  Jesus Christ says that He is the Son of God (Allah).  Mohammed says Jesus Christ is not the Son of God.  […]

11 Minute Video – No Dry Eyes After This Golf Story.

  11 MInute Video – No Dry Eyes After This Golf Story

10 Question Political IQ Test See How You Do & Test Your Friends

  Political IQ Test! This test is to determine how politically astute you are.  For ease of taking this test, it is set up as a true or false (please pardon any formatting difficulties).  The answers are at the bottom of the test, so don’t peek until you are finished: 1.)   The purpose of […]

Al Gore Wins Energy “Hog” Award!

  Liberals hypocrites – nah; say it ain’t so.  Al Gore looks as bloated as his carbon footprint. See link below: Al Gore – Energy Hog