10 Question Political IQ Test See How You Do & Test Your Friends


Political IQ Test!

This test is to determine how politically astute you are.  For ease of taking this test, it is set up as a true or false (please pardon any formatting difficulties).  The answers are at the bottom of the test, so don’t peek until you are finished:

1.)   The purpose of government is to protect life, liberty and property            True      False

2.)   The purpose of government is to help those who can’t help themselves.  True      False

3.)   Leaders should be subject to the same laws as the people they rule.         True      False

4.)   Leaders have hard jobs, & should have flexible law applications.              True      False

5.)   Government does for people what they cannot do for themselves             True     False

6.)   Government is a provider of services and help for people’s needs.            True     False

7.)   Governments should remain sovereign.                                                         True     False

8.)  Governments need to unite for peace under the United Nations                  True     False

9.)  Governments must be restrained from corruption by a higher authority.  True     False

10) Governments must be free to act as they see fit under the circumstances. True     False

There are 10 questions.  If you get all 10 correct, then you are a politically astute individual who embraces individual liberty and honest government.  The answers follow the scoring function below:

90% correct –  There is hope for you – keep studying.

80% correct –  You are weak and subject to deception – shape up before it is too late.

70% correct –  You have been heavily indoctrinated with socialist thinking, and believed lies.

60% correct –  You are a socialist and will suffer a total loss of freedom without knowing it.

50% correct –  There is little hope for you – repent!

Less than 50% – You are a Communist and your hope is in the state.  You are a scientific atheist, and the state and man will always be your hope while always disappointing you and betraying you.


1, 3, 5, 7, 9          True

2, 4, 6, 8, 10        False

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