Sports – The Prime American Hypocrisy


Americans are so hung up on sports that they can hardly see straight.  One thing we know about every sporting event; be it football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, golf, tennis etc. is that they all have rules.  If you violate the rules, you lose the game, the point, or whatever penalty there is for that violation.  People “Boo” the violator, and they watch him closely to make sure he doesn’t get away with the violation.

So what happens when you violate the rules of life?  Most people don’t even have a clue who makes the rules of life.  In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s God who does that.  He established the Ten Commandments which are a summary of His word in the Bible.  The Bible explains with various examples and precepts what the proper application of the Ten Commandments are.  See the Westminster Confession of Faith and the attending catechisms for further clarification.

So why don’t we obey God’s rules?  That’s easy to answer; we lie because we don’t want to lose out on an advantage, or we don’t want to be embarrassed.  We steal because it’s easier than working honestly and hard for what we get (socialism).  We murder, in our hearts more often than not, because it satiates our appetite for vengeance or getting our way.  We commit adultery because we prefer to accommodate our lusts verses showing self restraint.  We covet because we are never satisfied with what God gives us.  We bear false witness because we’d rather make the other guy look bad than take responsibility for our own actions.  Christ says; “If you break one of the Commandments, you break all of them.”

That’s the second table of the law, but it’s the first table that is even more egregiously violated.  We deny, ignore, dishonor and disobey God because we don’t want to be ruled by Him.  We deny His rule over us, we set up false idols such as sports, TV, money etc., we take His name in vain, and we ignore His Sabbath and the proper worship He has ascribed to people.  The unbleliever’s problem is, He rules whether we like it or not.  As the Scripture says, “…every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord…”.

America has lost site of all of that, and acquiesced to the rules of sports, but abhors the rules of God.  Where do you stand in the scheme of rules?


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


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