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Interesting Charts – Click On This Link

  A view of the world situation at a glance – very informative. Interesting Charts

14 Minute Video – Canadian School Board Outlaws Bible Verses Being Taught Or Even Read In Christian School Curriculum – Why Not Outlaw Christianity? It’s Coming.

  It’s O.K. to read and teach the Koran which promotes violence against women and people who disagree with it.  It’s O.K. to teach Judaism.  It’s o.k. to teach witchcraft and beliefs and practices totally contrary to Christianity, but  it’s not o.k. to teach Christianity.  See link below: No Bible Verses Allowed – Pen Pensamiento […]

Sports – The Prime American Hypocrisy

  Americans are so hung up on sports that they can hardly see straight.  One thing we know about every sporting event; be it football, soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, golf, tennis etc. is that they all have rules.  If you violate the rules, you lose the game, the point, or whatever penalty there is for […]