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5 Minute Video – “Transformation” – The Last In A Series On The Evidence Of Faith. Next – A Series On Prophecies & Promises


Video Documenting Bill Clinton’s Total Depravity And Criminal Activity.

  This fascinating documentary reveals the abject depravity of Bill Clinton’s voracious sexual appetite, power mongering, treasonous behavior, murdering potential witnesses against him for his behaviors.  In fact, Clinton told one of the state troopers guarding him that he must be prepared to lie, kill and cheat in order to protect him!  How does someone […]

Anniversary Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting – Remember Who Did It!!!

  The largest mass shooting in the history of America was the Pulse Nightclub shooting a year ago.  As you listen to all of the propaganda on the corporate Fascist media, remember who did the shooting!  The shooter was a jilted HOMOSEXUAl MUSLIM mad at the homosexual community.  Numerous studies show that homosexuals have a much […]