Imperial America – American Soldiers Die In Vain!


As U.S. soldiers guard poppy fields for the heroin dealers

The warmongers take a stance against the healers

Peace is never the object or the goal

And there’s no effort to make people whole.

U.S. hypocrisy is unbelievably disgusting

But the corporate media expects us to be trusting.

The politicians lie through their teeth

As a dying nation they bequeath

Our soldiers believe they do the right thing

And they die in vain – it’s such a sting!

Three million died in Viet Nam still a Communist nation

So it’s just another political state oblation.

Americans think that they have freedom

As to slavery they choose to succumb.

Our children pursue their lust

And their life is just a bust.

The bankers love their paper money

Which has become like tainted honey.

Bush said the Constitution was just a piece of paper

And now we watch our  freedoms taper.

Is there no solution to our demise?

Is there no one who is wise?

Look to the wisdom of history and what do you see

Is there a place to be for you and me?

Words are plentiful, and they fall to the floor

Is there anyone who will stop the next war?

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