Daily Archives: October 29, 2022

Need A New Kidney? How About A Liver? Just Call The Chinese Communist Party – They’ll Kill A Falun Gong Or Uighur Muslim With High Quality Organs For You!!!

Chief Thug In Charge – Looks Like A Nice Guy – Right? Looks Can Be Deceiving! Healthy organs available – just place your order and put up your money HERE! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as Pen sees it, and […]

O.K. Here We Go; Time For Hammer Control! Protect The Pelosi Name & San Francisco’s Reputation For Being A Safe Place To Live – Huh?

O.K. here we go; time for hammer control HERE! Nancy Pelosi will introduce a bill right after the midterms. (The bill may also include “conservative” control, because obviously someone with the opposite political ideology would have done this.) DePape, Pelosi’s attacker, had a BLACK LIVES MATTER SIGN IN HIS HOME HERE!!! Just another cover-up with […]