Daily Archives: October 17, 2022

No Borders No Wall No America At All – Biden Wants To Merge U.S. With Mexico & Canada! How’d That Work Out In Europe?

No more U.S.A. if Biden has his way (or should I say his New World Order handlers?) HERE. Treason seems to be the way of the day. No borders no Constitution no freedom no need to vote or a gun to tote – all will be well! More HERE. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – […]

Video – UK Funeral Director “This (COVID jabs) Is Genocide!”

UK funeral director says; “This is genocide!” HERE. Just to add; this writer has a friend (currently getting his mother settled in a nursing home) who told the following story. His mother was visited by four lady friends (all her contemporaries in their 70’s) who stopped by one day and said; “Come on ‘Dearie’, let’s […]

The Religion Of “Green”!

The religion of “Green”! What a money making fraudulent scaremongering hypocritical rip off HERE! Follow this religion, throw your mind out the window, bow down you sycophants one and all! You no longer have freedom to do as you please, think as you please and be as you please – you are a slave to […]